I have decided to move all of my corporate business away from UPS and back to one of our other couriers. This is the second time in 2 weeks that a critical shipment has not made it to it's destination at the time promised (and paid for).

Likewise, the customer service agents repeat the same script to my staff and offer no remedy to the problems. Today I became personally involved so I could experience first hand the same frustration my staff has suffered through in dealing with this highly incompetent and unreliable service. We were using another carrier and moved to UPS based on an offset in price. The offset in price will not recover my disgruntled customer relationships that I have spent years building.

I truly have come to hate UPS and will pay added expense to avoid utilizing them in the future. Do us all a favor and go out of business.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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I am still waiting for a package that was supposed to be delivered overnight and its now 5 days later. The status shows it left their delivery center but does not show ut was delivered.

We have notified UPS and the status now says tracing package.

A very important doc that I will have to through a lot to get.To *** with UPS I am going to file a big claim for inconvenience even if they find it. If they don't will be even be worse..


I waited for a week for a package from my son in Indiana. Finally got one notice saying it was the third notice and they're returning the package to the sender.

I call them since they do still have the package, and ask them to send it back to me, I'll pick it up. Can't be done, they tell me. They tell me I have to get my son send it again.

And what would be any different this time, I ask? No response.

So, be aware: UPS cannot deliver packages to Santa Rosa, California.


by the condition of the packages I think they drop kick them to the door instead of getting out of their vehicle


I agree. Amazon sent me a package via UPS with two day air delivery and it was mailed on Thursday, April 21st (PM).

I am still waiting to get my package. The first delivery attempt failed due to me not being home for signature. That is understandable. I changed the delivery address online Mondy (4/25) at about 4pm to my office address.

They updated online tracking to show that the package is due for delivery on Tuesday (4/26). When I called the customer service (several times)on Tuesday, they all told me (and gave verbal guarantee) that the package is on its way and will be delivered to me by the end of the day. I waited until 7pm at my office for it but it naver came. Then I noticed that they updated their online tracking to show that it will be delivered on Wednesday.

All this time, their customer reps lied to me yesterday (tuesday), that it will be delivered. When I complained to Amazon, they were nice (customer friendly) enough to refund me the shipping charges.

So much for UPS two day air delivery! UPS sucks.


Stop your whining in every thread. Stop trying to fight your children's battles. And stop jousting at windmills.



I agree. UPS consistently doesn't deliver accurately and gives fraudulent reasons.

Fro example, my son ordered materials fro REI and got a card saying they couldn't deliver because of "Special Event - undeliverable" - that is baloney! I was home all day and there sure was no special event going on!

So he drove 30 miles to get the package himself and then the next day a notice came in the mail saying "Inaccurate deliver Infomation"!

What an incompetent company. How can they stay in business?

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