I ordered some components on-line. As per usual, I always request "deliver without signature required". As has happened several times in the past year, I received a note on my door saying "Signature required on delivery". As per usual, I sign the note and request that the package be delivered to another unit in the building, or the building next door. The next day I have a second delivery failure notice which again states that the package cannot be delivered without signature. No mention of trying to any other unit or building. That is where the problem begins, AGAIN.

I attempted to use the on-line reschedule of delivery service which requires me pay a fee for delivery to another address which I will not pay. I tried calling two different numbers to reschedule the shipment (1-800-833-9943) and get people who do not speak english good (people with very strong central american accents). I requested a reschedule of delivery or delivery to a different building and they only state that the package cannot be precisely scheduled (I requested a delivery after 5 PM when I am able to accept the package). I requested a hold for pickup that day because I have been able to get that before, The phone agent stated that it was not possible to do that (My previous experience from 2 months ago allowed me to to that). I asked to talk to a manager and the agent (Eric NPT5ERT) put me on hold a couple times and informed me that no managers were available. I requested to receive the telephone number of the processing station in my area where I would go to pick up the package anyway and was informed that they (UPS customer service) did not have the local phone numbers, only the address.

I tried another number and got the same runaround.

So far UPS has been very consistent. They have a 100% FAILURE TO DELIVER RATE in the last 2 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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