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The history of delivery to my home by UPS is awful, but I decided to take a chance on delivery of a birthday gift to my son's family in CA, since their rate was lowest and they had managed to deliver from a company that had no other shipping option. Fedex and postal Service have never failed to deliver there.

Despite correct address info, and folks at the apartment, the driver twice claimed info was incorrect and returned the parcel to the office.

Laziness? Lying? Incompetence?

Certainly one, maybe all. DO NOT SHIP via UPS.

UPS Tracking Number: 1ZY380860397178268

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AGREE! My package arrived in Jacksonville FL on the 18th ...

delivery was stated to be on the 20th of July. It did NOT arrive yesterday because the driver stated no one was home. WRONG!!! We have been here for 3 days and no one noticed a UPS delivery truck on our street.

They are indeed lazy, "making up stories" and are definitely incompetent!! :cry

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