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On 5/16/12 I paid for overnight delivery (17th)of live fish just to have to find out that they are delaying AGAIN until 5/18/11. This is the 3rd delay in getting my order.

After taking 3 of my UNPAID vacation daysand now one more.

The customer service rep I spoke with suggested that I Drive the 89 miles one way to pick it up, and still pay overnight price! So from now on i'll have to ask who the company uses for shippiing and not buy from them if they ship by this low grade company

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $75.

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your a fun bag of skin, with nothing better to do other than troll people that speak of the *** hole company you probly work for. don't bother to respond. your not worth the time


Is your mom's name Nancy?

Whatever the case, your story still doesn't add up unless, like you, you're lit up.

Perhaps the poor planning is on your part.

Crawl up outta your mom's/Nancy's basement and get a clue as to how to buy something that doesn't come in a little plastic baggie.


No,the package was to be delivered today,OVERNIGHT, they contued to say that they couldn't overnight my goods do to *** poor planning on thier end. Maybe you should change your name to Nancy...


Those fish probably look cool when you're stoned, but your logic skills suck.

You were expecting a shipment of fish on 5/17 and took the day off work? Did the company you ordered from even ship the fish?

What is the "3rd delay" statement supposeed to mean? You say you ordered on 5/16 for delivery 5/17 where is the 3rd attempt/3 days off work?

If what you are TRYING to say is you missed the delivery on 5/17 and UPS suggested you drrive to pick them up, what is proble? It sounds like they attempted to find a solution to your needs. If you refused, of course they would reattempt the next business day. Still only two days not three and still not their fault but really dude, just say no to drugs.

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