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I ordered something from Amazon for an office holiday party for 14 Dec 2016. I paid for next-day delivery, for 13 Dec 2016.

I got two emails from UPS stating the package was scheduled for deliver on Tuesday, December 13, 2016, between 11:15 AM and 3:15 PM. Three hours later, I get an email stating the delivery date had been changed to Wednesday, December 14, 2016. I called customer service to find out why. They fed me a line of nonsense, saying the package arrived from the shipper at 9:23 PM Monday night, so there was no way UPS could possibly deliver it on Tuesday because there just wasn't enough time.

I pointed out that I got TWO messages CONFIRMING a Tuesday delivery, then a change without any reason given. Got the same line of miserable garbage about there not being enough time. I pointed out that UPS pretty much runs 24/7, even thought they don't DELIVER on Sundays, planes and trucks are still moving freight, so when the package arrived at a particular point on a Monday night is pretty much irrelevant. More fertilizer slung my way by a customer service rep who now sounded exasperated.

I just thanked the lady for her time and ended the call before I totally lost my composure. If she had told me it had to be delayed due to a high volume of holiday shipping, I could have understood that. If she had said there was a problem with sorting/handling, so the delivery got delayed, fine, it happens. Either of those situations would have left me annoyed, but understanding.

Instead, she fed me a line of complete BS, thinking I was *** enough to buy off on it. That left me flat pissed off.

She just contributed to why people jokingly refer to UPS as "OOPS." At least Amazon was cool enough to refund me my shipping charges, since now the package falls under the free 2-day shipping. Email notes: date: Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 9:39 PM subject: UPS Update: Package Scheduled for Delivery Tomorrow Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday, 12/13/2016 Estimated Delivery Time: 11:15 AM - 03:15 PM date: Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 8:11 AM subject: UPS Update: Package Scheduled for Delivery Today Estimated Delivery Date: Tuesday, 12/13/2016 Estimated Delivery Time: 11:15 AM - 03:15 PM date: Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 11:07 AM subject: UPS Update: New Scheduled Delivery Date Rescheduled Delivery Date: Wednesday, 12/14/2016 Estimated Delivery Time: 11:15 AM - 03:15 PM

This reviewer shared experience about problem with delivery and wants this business to "include a reason for a necessary change of delivery, rather than just "hey, you won't get the package you're expecting, we're not telling you why, customer service is going to lie to you, so suck it up."" as the author lost $7. This person is overall dissatisfied with Ups. the best about ups next day delivery service from Ups was tracking a package. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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