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On July 22nd I purchased a text book from an EBay store. It was almost immediately shipped from the seller, and expected to be delivered on Friday July 25th. On July 25th, while at home I was wondering where my package was and decided to check my e-mail for the status. Much to my surprise, the status stated it was delivered and left on my front door.

I checked with neighbors, no on had received it. I then contacted my seller, who did not respond. So I called UPS. After being shuffled from one person to another, they told me the shipper has to start the investigation. I once agian attempted to contact the shipper to no avail.

Finally on August 2nd I bean to get angry with UPS. They continued to tell me I could not start the investigation myself, however I finally pleaded to on person and they opened it for me.

On July 14th I received a call from UPS stating they were liable for the lost package. However, the shipper had to fill out claim information for the reimbursement.

Now I am extremely angry. I know the shipper paid the shipping charges but he paid for them with my money. So now they are going to send him the money, which I sure he won't mind keeping and I still won't have my book. I have even shown UPS the receipt for the book.

I am a college student who does not have money to shrug it off and buy another text book, my classes start tonight and UPS has wasted so much time, Im not sure when Ill get another book.

On top of them being irresponsible with my package, on top of them twiddling their thumbs, they have treated me like I am the problem. I have sat on hold for 45 mins for a supervisor. I have been interrupted, and hung up on.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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:cry UPS failed to hold my package while I made delivery arrangments and sent it back to sender. Each customer rep I spoke with gave bogus information and were clueless as to company policy.