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20 March 2010 - Set up pick-up and shipment of my son's graduation portraits to be picked up by UPS, and delivered to my wife so that she could hand them over to our son's high school for posting to the year book. Scheduled pick-up date: Monday, 22 Mar 2010 from Olan Mills Portrait Studio, Springfield, Missouri. Sceduled delivery: 23 March 2010 to our residence in Salem Missouri( approx. 340 miles round-trip). Cost for my wife to drive round-trip to pick up son's portraits: $75.00. Cost for pick-up and delivery by UPS: $25.00.

24 March 2010 - Wife e-mails me in Afghanistan to inform me that she had called Olan Mills Portrait Studio and was told that the portraits had not been picked up. I am a guy who gets things done on time and without failure...even while I'm here in Afghanistan...I expected UPS to do the same thing. You can imagine how I now look to my wife. I put my faith and trust in supposedly the "best shipper in the shipping business"...and let her down because of my decision.

UPS failed me. Cost to me for UPS' failure: immeasurable. My failure was sending a boy in to do a man's job, and thinking UPS would keep their word as a TOP 100 Business commited to customer satisfaction. I DO NOT RECOMMEND UPS for any of your shipping needs. Below is a copy of the e-mail UPS sent me to confirm the shipment.

Scheduled Delivery: 23-March-2010

Shipment Detail


Ship To:

Xxxxx X. Xxxxx

Xxxx X. Xxxxx

XXX County Road XXXX





Number of Packages 1

UPS Service: 2ND DAY AIR

Weight: 1.0 LBS

Tracking Number: 1Z12679T0294498058

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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I've alway had good service with UPS but have always taken the package to a UPS store to ship. I have never had the FedEx website work well and the US poatal service has actually delivered packages with foot prints on them.

I'll stick with UPS until they screw me up. Their tracking service is the best.


To Eric,

You are absolutely right on the point you make....I've seen and had far worse things happen, being here.


To John S.,

You could be right John but, I'm not of the opinion that I should take blame for my package not being picked up, as Bill suggests, when I spent a ridiculous amount of time making *** sure that this one little package could be moved less than 200 miles. UPS may have come during this business' lunch break...that doesn't mean UPS should give up trying...they had until 5pm that day.

This is what sets apart the well operated, customer oriented company, such as FedEx, from a company who fails to do what FedEx did without even trying.

UPS and FedEx are in the same business...shipping packages locally, nationally, and worldwide for the general public. Since there is no difference in what they both do...I see no reason why UPS could not deliver as requested, and applaud FedEx for taking on the very same task I had previously asked of UPS, and not only did FedEx make it happen...they made it look simple.


To Bill,

It's interesting that you bet your paycheck on the fault lying with the shipper. The shipper was myself.

My package is currently in transit with FedEx and will be delivered by 4:30pm Friday the 26 of March. I did nothing different with FedEx, to move this package, than I did trying to utilize UPS. FedEx gave me a tracking number that allowed me to track this package. The tracking number UPS gave me has not worked since I got it.

UPS also gave me a Pickup Reference Number that does not work. I even tried tracking by the Package Reference. Nothing worked. Save your paycheck because, in the end, I did all I could from here, on their website and they came up short because I have the "Shipment Receipt" they provided at the end when I pushed the "Submit" button.

This document is filled with every detail of this shipment to include the pick-up location and pick-up reference number, the business name, address, and telephone number, the scheduled date of pick-up, the scheduled shipment date,the requests for e-mail notification and to whom they are requested to notify...this document shows who, what, when , and's just THAT simple. If I were a betting man...I would bet that you work for UPS.


I am willing to bet a paycheck that this is a problem with the shipper, not UPS failing to make a pick up. Check your tracking number online and you will be able to see when they picked it up. Most problems come from failure to have shipment ready for the pickup.


Well if that's the worst thing that happens to you while you're in Afghanistan, consider yourself lucky.


That place closes from 2pm to 3pm every day. Maybe they came then.

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