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Stayed home waiting for a package for my daughter to arrive. Kept checking the porch and UPS website (because she is so excited).

Then a little after 7pm I checked the UPS site, and WTF!!! Did I miss it? UPS said, "The receiver was not available at the time of the first delivery attempt. A second attempt will be made." @ 6:45PM Wait...

How could we have missed them? I'm literally 15' from the door and didn't hear anything. So I play back the surveillance cameras..... Nope.

No deliveries at 6:45PM (or ever) for fun I scanned an hour before and after, nothing only two cars even drove down my street (one was my wife).

Such a bummer when they lie. I get it, the delivery person wanted to go home early, or whatever, but why lie and say they tried to deliver?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Misleading delivery status.

Preferred solution: Bring me my stuff (for real this time).

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