UPS failed to deliver on time twice in the last month. The first package was due on a Friday.

It was a present for someone going away, to be presented that Sunday. We were notified late on Friday that the package had been left behind and would not be delivered until Monday. There was no attempt to deliver the package that had been left behind, nor any phone number to call. The second package was a Christmas present "guaranteed" to be delivered by Christmas.

It will now be delivered on the 27th according to the tracking report.

That report indicated it had been delivered to the local UPS warehouse on the 22nd, where it will sit until the 27th. That is, if you believe anything that UPS says.

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Ha Ha If you have a dog ,no number on a house or the pkg weighs more than 60 lbs or order a big screen good luck .. that big screen will work for about 7 weeks then *** out.

We hate those things always in the way getting beat up ,heavy boxes falling on that tv ,oh well it's not mine who would get a tv delivered by ups,fedex is just asking for it. ha ha


Hahahaa...you can believe that if you want to. Although, it's totally FALSE!!


UPS has some serious problems this Christmas. They have literally thousands of undelivered packages throughout the country.

It is a mess. By the way, I always suggest FedEx instead of UPS as FedEx is much more dependable.

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