Unbelievable. I took the day off from work to wait for my iphone 4S delivery.

I was not allowed to pre-sign, b/c it's the iphone. I sat by my door all day and even checked a couple times, to see if the driver might have left a note. At 3pm, i opened the door, and found a failed delivery attempt note on the door!! No one ever knocked or rang the doorbell!!

When i called to complaint , an operator apologized and said she'd attempt to send a msg for same day re-deliver and i'd get a call back in an hr. 1.45 hrs later, i called again, and they said the driver was too busy "trying to deliver iphones by the end of the day" and would be unable to redeliver!! Unbelievable.

Apple should not use UPS if they can avoid it. UPS seriously needs to deal with their drivers and fire these incompetent a-holes, or their managers.

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that UPS supervisors could care less. They don't care about dispatching the routes the way that they should.

That leaves the drivers out until all hours of the night. They could care less because it looks good on paper; however, it is HORRIBLE in reality.

They just don't have the time to double back, unless the supervisor tells them to. They have to "work as instructed"


I want my iPhone and I want it now!!!!!! Wow. What a bunch of babies


I can one up you guys same story I waited by the door all day Friday no delivery,tracking kept saying it was going to be delivered, nothing Saturday morning I check tracking and it still says is in the truck but delivery Monday I call and ask to hold and hub since I can't afford to take another day off. When I show up to pick up they can't find it they say is lost.

Attendand gives me an 800 # to call to put a trace on it.

When I call the number they tell me the shipper is the only one that can do that and I need to call Apple. Wtf?


likewise - never left a notice nor did he bother ringing the bell


Another iphone 4S not received on time. Yes i know i will get it Monday...

maybe, who really knows. UPS tracking info on Friday said out for delivery @ 7:14am. At 9:35pm it was changed to "in transit" with the note "Exception". wtf I was home all day.

No biggie it will come Saturday. Stay home all day...nothing. I call @5:30pm oh you wont get your package until Monday. So much for 2nd day air.

No attempt to deliver at all. usually UPS comes late to my residence 8:30 - 9pm so to begin with service is poor. how can they stay in business?!?

What a disappointment. If they would have said Monday to begin with that would be OK i would expect it then, but to say Friday and deliver 3 days later sucks.


Yea never mentioned it was also an iPhone 4s.


Me Too!!!! I left the pre-signed document out and so I wouldn't have this problem and I was home all day.

It wasnt stolen b/c it sais it is at the Ups place and he didn't leave a note so he completely sloped my house.

I'm so mad the whole reason I chose to have it shipped is so I wouldn't have to deal with *** and now I am. I feel you bro hold out till Monday

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