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Its slogan says "What can brown do for u", here i quote at least do the service that u r obligated to do. My parcel was to be shipped at my place, while it order says it requires customer consignment, i called them up and requested to keep it to my nearest ups store, and immediately i got a update specifying the pick up time 7:30 to 8:30 pm.

Wohhh everything was fine till i found that though being just 3-4 mile from my house, i kept hunting for buses and managed to reach there after walking a lot, to find that a huge *** outside the UPS, yeah its fine i can wait not a *** to kill my patience, but as time passed i observed that it takes 10-15 mins to serve each customer, when i peek inside i saw he was talking on phone, *** with this guys i took a deep breath and waited till 1 hour, still 3 ppls ahead of me. While i was also wondering why nobody was asking them what is the problem, why the process is such slow. I finally asked him dude whats going on, he said" its friday" so what does this mean, your Brown(Brain) doesn't works on friday. ok i went back to ***, and to my surprise i saw most of the ppl in *** are being pushed to the another corner.

Now here comes my turn, this guy again called up on the phn, he was talking to driver if he is back to the parking of UPS and said it would take couple of more minutes, i thought atleast driver is here, i could grab my parcel and head back to home, and it was not 9:10 pm, dont know where the driver was I again lost my temper and asked the guy standing there does couple of minutes mean 30 more mins or what tell me or else i am tired, he threw his pen and papers in hand yelled "it sucks working here" and rushed towards storage. Seems Brown/brain got angry, well how does it should matter to me i still need my parcel, okay now there comes another fat brown/brain guy with papers he started asking everyone, give me ur street and zipcode, I asked what u will do with that, he said driver would unload it from truck. *** with u J^&%^&% ...

i left the place completely devastated tired and .. just to find that parcel was already delivered at my place ....

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