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To be fair, I've never had any issues with the UPS prior to this incident.

Yesterday, four of my packages got delivered to the wrong address. Since I've been tracking my orders, I immediately contacted the UPS, when I saw the "delivered" status online. Their customer service agent was not apologetic, instead she tried to convince me my packages got stolen. After a 10 minute interaction she finally tells me I have to contact all the shippers to initiate an investigation. That is exactly what i did this morning and called the UPS back to see if my packages had been located since the last time I've called. This time the customer service agent was extremely rude. She was talking down to me and calling me a liar. Apparently their delivery guy was contacted twice and he swore he delivered the packages to my front door. When I asked to speak to the supervisor, the agent refused to put me through. When I told her I would only talk to her manager, she transfered me to the main menu in Spanish.

Now imagine how I felt knowing that over $300 worth of merchandise was delivered to someone else and I was pretty much told that I will not get it back, because I cannot prove that the UPS truck never showed up at my house. Not only that, someone out there knows my name, home address and what kind of purchases I make, so they might go ahead and decide to rob me.

Finally, my husband calls the UPS back to sort things out and finds out that someone reported receiving our packages. So basically, I was called a liar, when in all actuality delivery guy screwed up and tried to lie his way out. The most ridiculous thing is... my address is unique. There are no house numbers similar to mine in the area. How can you not check to make sure you got the address right when you have 4 packages going to the same destination? And I understand that everyone makes mistakes, I am not mad about that at all. I am pissed that the UPS not only refused to take responsibility for what happened, but also accused me of making the whole story up.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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