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UPS' Express shipping is suppose to take two to three days. my package was received into ups on the 15th.

its been sittin in transit in hong kong for nearly a week now. when you pay extra for express shipping you shouldnt get the same service and wait time as if you didnt pay the extra money at all. and they dont even have an expected delivery date so how am i to know how much longer i have to wait for a package that was suppose to be here 4 days ago.

if you need anything shipped or delivered for/to you go with FedEx. they can at least keep true to their word.

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well the status finally changed to departed so let's see if it can get here in 3 days


If there's ever a tariff due on an international shipment, UPS calls the recipient, every time. In fact, they have to, legally.

Trust me, fiscally and logistically it makes more sense for them to get the package out of their holding facilities and collect the money due.

The only reason they wouldn't call is if the phone number(which is required on all international UPS shipments) is incorrect or missing. They don't just hold it and hope that the recipient calls them, that wouldn't make sense.


ok well you obviously knew i meant brokerage firm instead of customs firm. and no jimbo i did not change where i said it was.

ive always said that its in transit in hong kong. it still is actually.

and for you *** is as *** does, its a necklace, it'll be allowed to be imported. thanks mike ill have to see about that.


Another possibility is that there is some sort of tax due. I had a set of packages about 12 that we spent ~$2500 shipping from the US to the Uk.

And they sat in customes for 3 weeks for import tax collection. Did they ever during that 3 weeks inform me that there was a problem? No. Since I gave myself a 3 weeks window for the items to arrive I was close to fine.

They also, then took 4 days to deliver the items on a 3rd day delivery. But what do you expect, them to meet their SLA?


I did not know UPS had its own customs Dept. Where is the country of UPS?

And I am sure bransje made sure the shipper filled out all the proper documents to import the item to the USA. And I bet he called U. S.

customs to make sure he could import the item. No way in heck could he have drop the ball or the shipper it has to be UPS.



"yes it still would be UPS' fault since they have their own customs firm."

You are confusing brokerage firms with a government's customs agency. I'm sorry to tell you, but you really don't know what you are talking about.

UPS has a brokerage firm, which helps expedite the customs process, as they basically work as your agent. However, if the actual customs dept decides they want to keep the package for a day, a week, a month, they can do that.


Since you are set on your opinion and completely disregarding the things you do not want to hear. I will no longer inform you on some of the possibilities.

You contradicted yourself 3 or 4 times in your follow up comments. First you say it is in transit, then you say you can't prove where it is, then you say it is sitting in a building, I am just trying to inform you based on the information you have posted.

Then you resort to name calling and scape goating. Why are you even posting on a forum if you are going to shoot down everyone's advice?


Jimbo, yes it still would be UPS' fault since they have their own customs firm. Theres no way a flight from Hong Kong takes a week so yes it is sitting in a building and yes the delay due to their slow customs is indeed their fault. Also, my grammar is just as good as yours so i dont know where your going with that one.



I know how to read, you need to learn grammar.

How can it be stuck in a building if it is in transit? If your package were in a building, the most recent scan on your package would have indicated that it was in fact scanned into a certain building. UPS packages do not just sit in a building, they are being unloaded or loaded for next destination. If your tracking says that it is in transit, it means it has left building on it's way to US. Unless it is a VERY VERY VERY VERY long flight, chances are it is going through customs. Again, not UPS fault.

If your package is in fact lost in the system, you will receive a refund or a replacement. You can always call and have them send out a tracer.


or you could just tell me how to prove its in customs without me giving you the tracking number. and yes i know what customs is but they should let you know where its at and and whats goin on instead of saying they have it in transit at one of their facilities


This may come as a surprise to you, but everything you import from another country goes through customs. And no, the status isn't going to say "stuck in customs." If it hasn't moved in a week I'd be willing to bet it's in customs possession. If you give me the tracking number I'll be happy to prove it to you.


if you two know how to read you would have read how i said its IN TRANSIT, not customs. it even says under their tracking feature, RECEIVED INTO UPS SCS POSSESSION at 4:55 p.m on the 15th and the location is HK (Hong Kong).

doesnt sound like customs to me.

so yes i can blame them since they have it in their possession. but nice try


If its stuck in customs, which is what it sounds like, UPS has no control over it, and the same thing would have happened with any other carrier.


There is no telling how long things can get held up for at customs. I don't see how you can blame UPS over something they have no control over.

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