Part shipped from Portland to Reno Priority Overnight with understanding it would be HELD at Reno for pick up. Someone in the chain decided since the package did not also have another fee paid for Saturday delivery in addition to the $60 overnight fee....it wasn't a priority anymore.

I have a rig and crew down waiting for a part and the managers (yes, two different managers in two different locations) told us "tough luck". No way to track the package, no way to stop the package, no way to hold the package and the best part.....absolutely no refund of the ridiculous priority overnight shipping fee.

I was promised the package would be there Sat 10am. Mgr, "well you are wrong."

I will at least expect a refund for the botched shipping Mgr, "well you are wrong again."

Lovely lovely people to talk to....a wall would be brighter and more helpful. Two words...FED EX and/or Southwest Frieght from now on.

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The shipper sent it Next Day Air, Saturday Delivery ?


Priority Overnight? That's not a UPS service buddy.

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