Well, I had been waiting for a package that contained two products that had been ordered from Amazon. About a week had passed when both Amazon and UPS tracking said that the package had arrived in my city.

I was anxiously waiting for my package the entire day even though the package had arrived to my local UPS distributing location the night before. It was about 8:30 pm when I saw the UPS delivery truck enter my neighborhood. This was a little late to be delivering packages in my opinion but that didn't matter because I was getting my package soon. Time is very crucial in this story because I will be leaving in a few days on vacation and I feared that I would not be there to receive the package.

My house is relatively big so by the time that I saw the UPS truck I decided to start walking to not keep the driver waiting for my signature. Through the windows of my home, however, I saw the driver run from his truck to my front porch with a package and run back to his truck. I didn't think much of it until I opened my door just as the driver turned the corner of my street. It appeared that I had received a totally different package from a completely different address.

I don't know if this man was *** and can't read basic numbers and words or if he was in a hurry and decided to deliver things no matter where they ended up. I began getting worried because I assumed that he would leave my package somewhere else. For the next 30 minutes I continuously tracked my package on both Amazon and UPS until I saw that the package's status was "Delivered." Under that it said something similar to "Signed By:" and to the right in capital letters was OCHOA. Well, no one in my home has that name and I was the only one at home at the time anyways.

Additionally, I signed nothing for some *** remote whereas someone signed off a package with several hundred dollars of my products. I immediately called UPS and explained the situation. I asked if they still had drivers out that might be able to pick up my package and the package that I had received. The guy who answered told me, with an attitude that really pissed me off, that there were no drivers working and that if I knew what time it was.

I said nothing about his answer because I was worried about my package but was still a little ticked off. He then told me that the only thing he could do was have someone call me tomorrow morning to have someone pick up the package that was left off at my home. When I asked what would happen to my things he said all he could do was leave a note to the person picking the wrong package from my home and that I would have to tell him my problems. He then said that if the driver couldn't do anything that I needed to contact the seller.

What I don't understand is how *** this whole thing is. Why would I need to contact my seller if it was obviously their *** mistake? Why was the package I had a bigger concern than the package that I called in for? It just *** me off how the whole system can be so ***.

There was a number that I found in the package sent to me so I then decided to call it. The person who answered was very nice and I briefly explained the whole thing to them. I asked if they had received my package and they answered no. Somehow UPS just gave away my things to a completely different person.

I even asked if anyone he knew was named Ochoa and he responded with no. Well now it was clear that it wasn't a simple package swap. I really don't know how the UPS man could have delivered my things to a completely random person. I then told the owner of the package I received to call UPS either today or tomorrow morning to get this all figured out and he said he would.

It is obvious that he would because I'm sure that he would want the things that belong to him as well. I really *** hate UPS right now.

I will try to avoid them at all costs. I had never had this problem with any other delivery company.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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