I sent a gift and a birthday card to my dad but when it was delivered the gift was gone. Someone opened the package, took out the gift, and sealed the envelop back with a tape before delivery.

It is unbelievable and a shame that a company as big as big as Ups could have thieves working for them.

I called their customer service and all I was asked was that is the merchandise replaceable? I told the lady is not about being replace rather it is about the dishonesty and if this can happened with Ups then, it is an issue that is worth looking into properly and thoroughly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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We were outside talking to our neighbors for the time that UPS stated they delivered our shipment. NOTHING!!! UPS are *** thieves!


UPS can not tell if a person is dishonest,they can only do a backround check. If your clean (just havent been caught) how would they know..

Seems like she wanted to replace it,thats all they can do after the fact.

I'm sure they will try to find out who did it but with so many ppl's hands on it,it would be hard to flat out blame someone..

Camera's on the inside might help...

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