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i ordered 2 books from Barnes& the box arrived opened and taped back shut with 2 little pieces of 1/2" scotch tape(the kind we all use to wrap gifts not shipping/packaging kind).

you could see that someone had pushed in on the top til the tape and shipping label ripped and then pulled one flap sideways from under the tape that didn't tear at the ends. the air pillow had been punctured the shipping slip inside was obviously unfolded and mangled when they pulled it out to look in the box and then put back folded wrong. they tucked the flap back under the tape ends before putting the tape pieces on too. one of the books i ordered was an 826 pg hardback the weight of which combined with all the Nook ads on the sides i believe led the ups employee to think or hope he/she was going to score a free Nook tablet.

instead my books were face cover down and the hardback has moisture damage to all the pages. B&N always ships their books face up so it's the first thing you see after removing the shipping and packaging materials. the night ups delivered the package to the post office their was heavy rainfall in Wichita,Ks where my pkg. was delivered to my very small town post office from,we however had no rain in our area that night.

when i called ups they actually started off saying the didn't deliver it my mailman did. when i pointed out they delivered it to the post office they tried to insinuate than my post man of more than 10 yrs was the would-be attempted thief. our post office is so small with few employees and i also know most of them. there is no way he would be able to get away with doing things like this,at least not for long.

ups also admitted if it had showed up at any of their facilities along the way in this condition it would have been examined and re-taped with shipping tape, as my local P.O. also would have done if it hadn't already appeared to have been re-taped.

Now i have to see about getting my $30.00 book replaced by B&N. i've already been waiting for years for Diana Gabaldon to publish this latest novel in her Outlander book series(started in 1990) which i own all of in hardback.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $31.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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