I use ebay quite often and many oeople insist on using ups and I have no idea why. They are expensive, they dont deliver on weekends and their timing is less than satisfying most of the time.

Of the three main parcels services ups has disappointed me more times than not. The most recent; I bought a dvd player and it said it was picked up on a sat.12/20/14 It did not move until the following mon, then it moved until 12/24/14 where it has sat since 430 am on Christmas eve. It is now friday 12/26/14 at 8:45 am and the *** thing still hasnt moved. It was supposed to be a Christmas present and I buy the item with ample time to get here.

Ups, your timing sucks, the fact you dont deliver to my area on sat. Is pathetic. I also, this past christmas week had a package that said it was delivered and I was home all day and know it had not been. I call customer service and the lady tells me to contact the seller of the item.

How the *** is it the sellers fault when you *** offs say you delivered a package and you did not. The next day, ill be damned if it wasnt dropped off with another package that was due. Your "top notch" driver must have said he delivered but actually forgot to deliver it. Bravo.

Your entire staff is incapable of their daily duties to the public for which they work.

I put in a request for every package I buy for someone to use a different carrier. UPS is the worst option PERIOD.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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