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Ordered a generator a couple of days in advance of getting hit by Hurricane Irene as a backup for my sump pump. Paid $250 to have it delivered no later than Saturday (I am in NJ and it was scheduled to hit early morning on Sunday).

I called the company that I ordered from to make sure that the shipping instructions were clear. Didn't think that I'd need this b/c I paid to have it there on Saturday, but I wanted to be sure. My receipt and all written correspondence reflect Saturday delivery.

I waited at home while tracking my package. Seemed to be going ok. Around 3pm it arrived at a UPS storage facility 45 minutes from my house. I called UPS just to make sure that they were going to deliver it. There are no road closures or delays around my area.

They proceeded to tell me that my package would arrive on Monday. When I asked about picking it up, they said no because it was a on a large truck. Clearly they screwed up the order. I spoke with a couple call center people and they couldn't help. They suggested that I seek a refund for my trouble.

Thanks UPS. What a bunch of ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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UPS might want to spend more time on there appearance also, there uniforms are boring and brown and there service is *** thus making UPS Brow ***.. They need new colors, something that doesn't remind us of ***...

because that is what they are!!. Where is DHL, at least there on time and reliable...


UPS dropped the ball again today, our company checks were supposed to be Thursday and when we called there still sitting on the truck and it is Friday afternoon.... What a joke...

start paying employees more than 8 an hour and they just might work harder.. idiots..


UPDATE: To their credit, UPS recently credited me the cost difference in shipping due to their mistake. Thanks to all the support from the folks on this message board.


UPS is to blame? Possibly...No tracking # makes it difficult to know for sure. Why are you unable to provide that info?

Anyway, it doesn't seem like UPS are being "a bunch of ***

Because the driver doesn't know the status of your package except it's on his car? Or was it because they didn't deliver the same day it arrived at the nearest center despite the late hour? Or is it because they wouldn't empty out an 18 wheeler to try and find your package?

They delivered the next business day and at some point explained the Guaranteed Service Refund with you. If your package was delivered late, not due to acts of God, you are entitled to a refund.

Let's not forget that the local UPS employees in your area are your neighbors and they were under similar dire circumstances as you. Count your blessings that the generator wasn't needed and you will have received it without having toi pay the $250 and will be in great shape for the next disaster to come.


The box for "Saturday Delivery" on the UPS label is clearly checked.


Writing Saturday Delivery on the box doesn't mean that is what they shipped it as, and thus were charged for. As another poster noted, only Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air packages qualify for the Saturday delivery option and only IF Saturday was specified on the label.

That would mean your label would have to have a '1S' or '2S'. Otherwise the shipper is incompetent at properly manifesting a package or lying.

Provide the tracking number it will show what they paid for and specified on the LABEL.


Package arrived around 8pm on Monday. The UPS shipping documents specified Saturday delivery.

Plus the shipper wrote "Saturday Delivery" all over the box.

I asked the driver what happened and he just muttered that he was really busy and tried to leave as soon as possible. Pretty certain that this was a UPS issue.


UPS only delivers next day air on Saturday's . Sounds like the shipper messed up What's the tracking number?


My guess is it arrived as scheduled, but your shipper didn't do as you asked. Provide the tracking and it will be more clear.

Also when a package arrives at 3 in the afternoon, that doesn't mean it will be delivered that day, it still has to be unloaded and sorted. Or do you think UPS has delivery drivers waiting all day to start their deliveries, like at 5 pm.

Your anger should be aimed at your shipper.