I've spent a day waiting for delivery of my package. At 5pm UPS truck finally arrived, but for some reason the driver decided not to ring my doorbell which is located just an inch away from my front door. Three people were at home - myself working at the backyard, my wife watching TV and my daughter doing some homework upstairs.

Because the doorbell didn't ring nobody noticed anything and the driver left after spending only 5 seconds or less, didn't even bother himself making up a delivery notice. I saw the truck when it was already leaving. I called UPS dispatch right away and asked them to page the driver to return. I spent almost an hour waiting on the phone, but at the end they said they can't return at the same day and I will have to wait until tomorrow. This is just the most terrible delivery service and customer service I have ever seen.

People - please ignore UPS and use other delivery companies whenever you can. Don't let UPS screw up your day!

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Newbury Park, California, United States #764331

Yes, use other companies besides UPS, so many other superior choices!!

UPS says they delivered my prescriptions I ordered thru Express Scripts. I did not receive them.

They say the driver delivered and they are not responsible. I was told to contact express scripts. Neither claim responsibility. Meanwhile I'm out $285.

No way will I ever use UPS If I have a choice.

As for UPS and Express Scripts, they can kiss my grits!!! :(

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