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I was supposed to have a package delivered to my house yesterday!

I give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until today.

Only to find out my tracking number says the package was delivered yesterday. To the a person who was not me signed for it.

I call ups...they advise me the package was dropped off at the post office!!

I live in a super small town in MN. My house is extremely easy to find there are only six streets in my town.

The post office is on the other side of town, with a completely different address.

Seriously? The diver didn't even bother to find my house. Instead is so lazy he just drops it off at the post office.

ups costumer ser. rep. says now I have to wait one business day for them to go pick the pkg. up and redirect it to the address it should have been shipped to!

I also was supposed to get a phone call w/in 1 hr. to discuss reshipment. Surprise, surprise that did not happen.

I did get my package at the end of the day, but not without a huge headache.

common this *** is just plain lazy!

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Greg really knows what he's talking about LOL!

There's not way of knowing if it's "laziness" are just a mistake. He may have accidentally dropped it at the post office when delivering other packages then later assumed the package was never loaded onto the truck when he couldn't find it.

Both are plausible. Considering the easiness of your town, a mistake seems more likely. Better it was dropped at the post office than some random address as UPS has done to me twice. :eek
To the UPS driver, the guys in the warehouse work much harder than you then you guys blame us for all your mistakes!

Still, no one at UPS is all too lazy.

Some are worse than others, but everyone works their rear off. There's a reason the union is so good.

I understand your anger but it is misguided. There is a new service between the USPS and UPS, it is UPS basic.

The shipper (only larger shippers ie lands end, amazon etc) pays to have UPS deliver to the local post office, not the final receiver. The shipper is given a discount on the shipping rates and the post office delivers it to your mailbox or po box. The tracking number should not be give to you, as the consignee then thinks they will be seeing the brown truck show up and deliver. I hope this helps you understand the service better.

As for the laziest people on earth, I am writing you after an 11 hour day, icing down my right knee which has a torn cartilige and am waiting on surgery which has been an ongoing problem for the past 2 years. This is my good knee, the other has been operated on twice.

Perhaps you should temper your comments and research your complaints prior to putting them on an online forum. Have a nice day

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