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On the 5th of January 2018 at approximately 5:00 PM your UPS Driver/Delivery Person walked up towards my front door. At approximately 10 feet away he threw a package towards the front wall of the house which is brick.

 This is not the first time this has happened. My wife and I are both disabled and have a special note on the front screen door of where to place packages so we may enter or leave the premises. This was all captured on our security cameras and recorded. Your driver turned and walked away without reaching the front door.

I went to retrieve the package and noticed it was for a different address than my own. I got the drivers attention after he was delivering a package to a different address to the front door (walking up and setting it down on the ground...not throwing as he did to ours). I told the driver that I was not pleased with him throwing this package or any other package to our front door. He immediately says, "Chill Out Dude".

 I replied you need to chill out. He in return say, "F_ _ _ Y_ _"! At the same time young children (10 to 11 years of age) were coming out from their house to the front street.  You can hear them say..."Did you hear what that driver said".

 As he walked backwards towards the correct house he was suppose to deliver the package to looking at me. I walked up to the UPS truck to record the number of which is 148293. The driver walks to the front door and lays the package down at the front door.  This is the 3rd time I have sent you an email for your response to this matter.

 Am I to expect all my deliveries in the future from this driver and/or others to be thrown at the front of the house and possibly damaged? This is not a professional way to do business. Again, I and my wife are both handicapped and we attempt to go out of our way to make all deliveries as easy as possible for the delivery people and for ourselves. We have a business as well and expect deliveries of items to arrive in usable shape just as we deliver to our customers.

Again, may I ask for someone to respond to this complaint and let me know what your intentions are to assure undamaged deliveries and Vulgar Language from your drivers. UPS then sends me an email asking me to call their 1-800 number. I responded back with an email. I have not called again since I was left on the line for over 40 minutes waiting.

No one came on the line to speak with me. I didn't hang up, the phone went dead after 40 minutes of waiting for it was then after 6 PM on Friday. Should you want to speak with me then email me and provide me with a direct line and I will call you back. If not, I will continue with my emails all over the state and country until I get someone to respond to this complaint.

Again UPS sends me an email saying they need the tracking number of the package. I reply with an email.  It appears this problem is being covered up by UPS employees and nothing will be done. It has been 15 days since I attempted to make contact. Emails to me indicating you need further information, someone will contact me or leaving me to hold with the phone for over 40 minutes so you can shut down.

Then I finally spoke with Ed Kiefer and Mr King. They are told the same information that I wrote. One says don't make contact with the driver. What am I suppose to do when I'm in my yard...go into my house?

What do I do if he is to make a delivery at my address and the package is damaged (by throwing it as he does with other packages) or needs a signature for proof of delivery? Everyone, I've made contact with from UPS has no authority to locate the driver to discipline but hoping I will drop it. What about changing the driver to another route? At this point I will drop the issue....into the hands of the public.

As in the message below from Joan C. someone was to contact me by days end. No contact was made. Ed Kiefer asks if he may see the video with his security team.

Now I have retracted my approval from him or his security team from seeing it. I will save it for the public now to see just because of the delays and put offs that I have experienced with UPS. Again UPS sends me an email wanting a tracking number and I reply back. I gave the package back to the driver within a few moments after incorrect delivery.

He made deliveries within the same time (approximately 5 PM) to 1712, 1818 and 1723 .  Do you keep log of tracking numbers if a wrong package is delivered to your house? How do you keep track of your drivers? I'm not a UPS employee.

I gave you the time, date, addresses and truck number (see below) of when your driver delivered a package to the wrong address and his bad behavior. There isn't anymore information I can give you other than a picture of him from my security cameras. How about if I put it all on the Internet or even Facebook and then you can track him down.

Now you can see why they drive and wear brown. Just like dogs trying to cover up their Crap.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: poor behavior and customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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