Danville, Pennsylvania
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I took the entire morning off to wait for this package.

UPS has done this before. Several times. They just stick a notice on your door after a feeble attempt at knocking. In fact it has happened so many times I have specifically told the driver that my room is at the far end of the house and he has to open the storm door and knock on the door, LOUDLY. The difference is this package was important that I took a half day off to wait for it; and subsequently most of the afternoon chasing the driver down. Couldn't you driver figure out the only morning delivery I have had in twenty years might be important. That's in several dozen deliveries

The package was for delivery before noon. It was marked signature required, as well as a second package from China being delivered. Only a complete *** would assume nobody was home waiting for the package.

I called UPS at 8:15 am 11:55 am (after discovering the notice), at 12:58pm when UPS didn't call back as promised,

They called at 1:24, 1:44, & 1:48 to tell me I could either meet the driver or pick it up later in Bethlehem (~20mile). The driver would be delivering packages to a garage less than two miles away (which, by the way is two right turns). The driver refused to correct his mistake and drive the 2 miles to deliver the packages he should have had in my hand 3 hours earlier. So I had to drive to this garage and wait. He was supposed to be there within 20 minutes. He was late!

My time is valuable to me, and I should not have to waste an entire day chasing down a package.

I assume this is probably the same driver that has left packages in the woods in the snow, or outside in the pouring rain with no protection. Not even a flimsy plastic bag to keep the contents from being ruined. The last time it was two food processers worth about $500, that had to be returned thanks to UPS.

The postal carrier honked when she came up the driveway and I was at the door to receive two other packages. Don't UPS trucks have horns they can use when their fingers are too delicate to knock on the door audibly.

When someone comes up my driveway the neighbor's dog almost always starts barking. I have two parrot 5 feet from the door. When someone knocks, they let me know it.

The fact of the matter is the driver did a pathetic job, but different from the past this package was extremely important. UPS wasn't even going to bring it back Saturday, but Monday.

I paid Canoga Camera an extra $75 for this expedited delivery. They went to great lengths to assure the package (ordered after 5pm EDT) would leave in that night's shipment. After hearing the true facts; not the yarn that the driver spewed out, they credited me the full charge, as they should have.

Now UPS should reimburse the vendor for the trouble you caused all of us, except the driver who didn't lift a finger to help. In fact I'd prefer if he never showed his face on my property again. Send a driver who is willing to do his job properly.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Glad you had fun chasing down the ups guy..if you had a job you would not have all that time to kill..Don't you understand that we really don't give a *** about your junky ***!!!THE MORE you complain which i believe you have done.the more WE do not care KEEP complaining,cause the more i hear about you the less i care!!Oh *** me off we *** on your *** ..I mean really *** ON your ***..GOT IT!!!!!Adios..