Rye, New York
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Why do they deliver heavy fabric rolls and put them AGAINST the garage door, so when you open the door (not knowing there is something behind it) it drops onto the bumper of your car. Why is it so difficult to ring the front door bell?

Why are we getting multiple deliveries, one for personal stuff and one for my business? And why do you deliver after 6 PM? If I am supposed to be a business, I close at 5pm.

I will do everything I can NOT to use UPS in the future. This has happened now multiple times!

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Instead of venting on the Net try asking the driver to place the packages elsewhere. 99% of the drivers I have dealt with in nearly 30 years of shipping UPS will do something simple like that if you ask them.


You get two deliveries because one is commercial and one is residential. UPS sorts the packages by those two delivery methods.


you may work out of your home but that doesn't make it a business address.


Don't get me going about UPS, you have to take the day off from work ust to accept a package and sometimes ( I live in a big apartment building ) they just drop the package in the entrance doorway for anyone to walk off with. :(


What do you expect us to do? Stand there with your package until you arrive home to receive it?

Be reasonable here. Where are we supposed to deliver your package in an apartment complex?