I am disabled and unable to get out so I have to do all my shopping online. I don't mind paying for shipping as it's a necessity for me. But I live in an apartment and the driver drops all my packages off at the office. I called UPS and explained to them I can't get to the office and they said it's up to the driver himself if he wants to deliver to the door and they would ask him.

Seems he doesn't want to do this as he keeps on leaving them at the office! If I could get out to go pick the packages up, I wouldn't need to shop online as I could go to the store! I told UPS I pay for shipping to come to me and they are not delivering but they don't seem to care.

So far I have had to ask somebody to go pick up my packages and they expected gas money so it's costing me more than it should. I am going to look for stores who only use the other carriers

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The American Disability Act of 1990 says They are to accommodate your reasonable Request-because of them It I not up to the driver It’s a law I would send them a certified letter and if they don’t fix this issue You will contact the ADA government office and file a complaint They have no right to eye you disability letter or even ask you They have to comply with your request

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #760090

So the Driver leaves it outside your door, then you are on here saying it shows delivered but never was!

Seems you should be complaining that the folks at the office who pays good money each month should have their shipments brought to them!

Why can't those lazy folks get off their butts and accomodate a disabled resident?

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