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Today, the UPS driver called from downstairs security door. I buzzed him in but he didn't come in. He didn't even have the package with him. I saw him running back to his truck with no package. He put an info notice on the door and ran away! He was too lazy to bring a heavy package up to the 3rd floor thinking I would just go pick it up from the UPS service center.

I called UPS and they said they can't do anything and the package will be re-delivered the following day.

Absolutely horrible service!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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400 times up and down the truck stairs alone and then ridiculous expectations that what should be delivered by freight companies pawned off on package care drivers with no access to an elevator. Sometimes consumers ARE wrong.


Stayed home waiting om a delivery all day. Now I am right here waiting on this LAZY UPS guy to return to take a package he left at the remote Main Office up to my 3rd floor Apt. *** thinks he got away with leaving a 70lb package way downstairs because it was the easy thing to do.


HA! I just had a UPS driver leave 3 pieces of furniture near my garage instead of HELPING ME drag them up my steps!!

I thought I was going down to help HIM but he just got back in his truck and DROVE OFF!!! I even asked him if they were heavy and he said "They have some weight!"

He saw me struggle with the first one which aside from being heavy was LONG TOO!

WHAT A HORRIBLE COMPANY! I am complaining to Pottery Barn's logistics division today.


WOW! Are you kidding me??

You buy furniture on line-instead of in a store, where they have actual delivery people, who are PAID to bring the items into your house and set them up, and you are SURPRISED that the UPS driver won't do the same? What a joke!


Same gentleman leaves packages at bottom of stairs. Why should I sign for what I can not see. In 30 years this is only person not to deliver up the 9 stairs


ryan09 I stepped on your junk what you gonna do BOO HOO What happens in the Pkg car stays in the pkg. car..next pkg you get i will *** all over it .. how does that sound to you..OR smell HA HA this is how we get even with the tools that we have to deal with.remember that pkg is in my hands before you----- might get it..


Huh? Oh your from Brooklyn, ignorant ***


Hey if you hate United Parcel Service Don't use us!! what a bunch of *** if you continue to use UNITED PARCEL SERVICE..you must like.No enjoy being abused by UNITED PARCEL SERVICE.. remember this I make MORE IN ONE 1 DAY THEN MOST OF YOU LOSERS WHO USE UNITED PARCEL SERVICE.make in ONE WEEK..keep posting here as we AT UNITED PARCEL SERVICE need new ideas on how to *** you OFF..REMEMBER UNITED PARCEL SERVICE DRivers are the best,but we don't care about your china-mart ***.HA HA HA HA HA HA ..


Hope your boss sees this! LAZY ***!

Hope some driver does that to your mother one day and makes her carry a package ! Karma will come


I just picked up a nice 4 channel security camera kit. Going to set this up today. Can't stand UPS and their incompetent drivers!


UPS sucks! They destroyed a collectible item and are refusing to cover it even though I paid extra to ensure the package!!


You guys need to stop using UPS. They're the worst.

As bad as Fedex might be, they're nowhere near as bad as UPS. I've switched over to Fedex a few months ago and the service is much better.


Mannnn this same *** happened to me today. I waz kickin in at the crib all day and that foo put a notice out front without tryin to deliver my ***.


I deal with UPS drivers on a daily basis and sometimes can't believe the stories they tell. Packages being thrown, info notices being used carelessly and even parked cars they've bumped and driven away without anyone noticing.

Like hyeteck said, "thugs in their 20s" is the best way I would describe most of them.


Make sure to file a complaint with UPS as well. They'll do something about it.


That UPS driver is a tool!


For all you UPS drivers. The best thing you could do is promptly deliver all your packages.

Don't be lazy. This isn't the economy to be lazy in.

If you lose your job, it will be tough finding a replacement. Face it, most of you guys aren't the brightest people and will struggle to find new a job.


bigpkg, you sound like a 2 year old kid. Go deliver some packages and stop crying like a little girl.


UPS is horrible. I've had the same situation happen to me many times. I pay for my packages to be delivered to my door on the 10th floor, not the sidewalk.