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Dec 17, My dog was relieving himself at my mailbox, he was half on the curb half in the street, the ups driver hit him in front of myself and daughter and of course didn't stop because he was so close to the curb and driving recklessly in a residential area. I called ups the next day, no call back until today Dec 30!!

He lady didn't care that the driver was driving recklessly or in my opinion way to fast in a residential, only said that they were not responsible! Terrible customer service!! If my daughter would have been at my mailbox that driver would have hit her instead of my dog!!!

Then UPS had the nerve to say, we didn't have a driver in your neighborhood that day at the time of day!! Really we watched a big brown truck about take out the mailbox and hit my poor Yorkie-poo!!

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Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #766564

Well let that be a lesson....I am for sure gonna stop relieving my self at my mail I now know what can happen....if you hang it out over the curb......right yorkie poo

Vancouver, Washington, United States #766561

your daughter relieves herself on the curb?


Sorry your dog was injured. You are lucky it wasn't killed.

How is the UPS driver, who is sitting in that big tall truck, supposed to see your dog half on the curb half on the STREET?

Obviously you don't care much for your beloved animal, since you failed to protect it by using a leash to keep it off the street. Stop scapegoating the UPS driver for your lack of responsibility.

to Alexa Chantilly, Virginia, United States #766335

Spot on.

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