Hi, we arranged for a shipping online, two parcels to be picked up from S.E. london.

Parcels meant to be picked up Friday. I got two phone calls in quick sucession from the driver that I missed. Next thing the door buzzer rang, which I answered. WE live in a block of flats, when the door rings a camera switches on.

There are two entrances to the building about 50 yards apart. When the driver rang the door I couldnt see him in the camera, so I told him it was the right place but wrong door, and where the other door was. Never heard from him again, even went down to front door looked up and down the street, no sign of him.

Meanwhile the office rang, saying their driver was outside and cant get in, I told them what hapened, they contacted the driver, who returned, shouting that he was busy, and what the *** do I think it is. Summary I will never use UPS ever again, due to the fact that they employ *** bags, who think they can throw verbal abuse at people who pay money for a service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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