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UPS drivers in New York are violent and dangerous! Beware!

UPS driver Kishan Seoparsan threatens me when I'm trying to pick up my own package which he previously failed to deliver! He says he would smash me and he knows where I live and I should beware. For the record, I'm a tiny 100 lbs white girl.

This is so frustrating and scary when the only thing you want is to get your package for which delivery you paid already!

I ended up calling the local UPS office more than 10 times, dealing with an insane driver and taking an Uber back home with the heavy package! Now I'm scared for my life!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Ban this driver from delivering packages in my area.

UPS Cons: Customer service, Company policy, Ups driver threats, Delivery.

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no matter what, customer is always right, if the guy respects his company he should have behaved well and absorbs the anger of the customer because if the delay, UPS should train their drivers to deal with different customers in a nicer way. If the blame started with the girl it ended with the driver, and here is the problem. You are talking about a big company that deals with the world and they should know how to treat their customer respectfully.


Poor poor little girl. Awww she is scared. A tiny white girl?


the spook didn't deliver


The fact you refuse to show the entire video says alot, no idea how long it took you to edit to the 10 seconds you showed.

Second, the video hurts you instead of helping you. How?

He asked you not to take his picture, and you said you weren't.

Plain and simple you lied in the video, therefore, how can the Public believe anything you say now, after showing us you cannot speak the truth?


What does your race have to do with any of this? Calling him a racist? Hmm should have been filming the entire time, makes me wonder what you said to provoke the reaction.


Madam/Sir from Indiana, a race is not even a variable in this case. You are missing the main point - Nothing should be an excuse for violence and threats!

The second though I'm trying to convey here - this UPS driver's behavior is not appropriate and a bad look for the company.

Thirdly, I'm simply afraid that the threats might be real. His last words: "I know where to get you now".


" I'm a tiny 100 lbs white girl."

That has NOTHING to do with the situation, nothing. Yet you apparently feel it was warranted to bring up.

Again, it makes me wonder what YOU said or did to warrant that response.

Also, if that last part was true I'm sure you filed a police report, right?

I mean if you're so scared you reported it to the police? I doubt it.


Tiny heart and soul probably.


That is one of the reasons why shipping UPS is an OPS. The larger volume of deliveries and later start times cause most of their drivers to get cranky.

Throw in fighting New York traffic right from the hub and you get a whole new level of nasty.

I would recommend considering FedEx as your next shipping partner in the future. We might not stick around to say hello but our tracking has over 99% accuracy and the worst drivers only cause chaos on the street.