We were on our way back from vacation in Whistler, pulled over for rest area near Custer, WA.When we wanted to merge into HWy 5, a UPS truck was far behind us.

In stead of slowing down, the driver just stepped on gas and won't let us to get on the highway, and almost caused us crashed into the guardrail. My husband had to do an emergency brake and slow the car down. The UPS driver, truck license plate is B09428A acted like he was the only one on the road. What a ***!

It happened on June 25, 2012 at 5:16pm.I guessed the driver was rushing to wrap up his day!

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the first 2 posters are exactly right, traffic on the main road has the right of way!you're a ***!

i drove 18 wheelers for 20 yrs, its not as easy as you think. if we slow down we loose our momentum and it takes miles to get back to speed.

they need to put yield signs on ramps, like they did years ago becuase this is a problem EVERYWHERE!!i wish you would have called the cops, they would laugh at you for this complaint, BECAUSE YOU ARE TOALLY WRONG!!


He has the right of way you don't learn how to drive you ***


You are dangerous. It is your duty to speed up when merging, not his job to slow down.

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