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My sister shipped my a package that was scheduled to be delivered on 1/16/2008. The contents of the package were a designer travel bag, and inside of the bag was about $200.00 worth of baby clothing that was meant to be my 8 month old daughter's Christmas gifts. My sister doesn't ship things often so she didn't get signature confirmation, also she knows that I am a stay-at-home-Mom and usually am home most of the day.

I was out strolling my daughter infront of my home on 1/16/08, and I was about 10 foot from my home as I see the UPS driver crossing the street to get back in his truck. I thought "great, my package has arrived!" ...Well I could see my front doorstep and see that there is no package on the steps. I immediately checked the bushes, the side carport, and the back of the house. I even checked under my SUV, nope--still no package. I then called my husband because I found this suspicious; my husband attempted to reassure me that surely the driver would be coming back later in the day, and that he probably just didn't want to leave the package in plain site. I waited until the end of the day, and still no package.

I tracked the package online and see that the driver marked it as "delivered" and the time was 2:48 P.M., which happened to be 3 minutes after I saw him get into his truck. At 2:48 P.M. I was searching my yard high and low for this package--so yes I had the right driver. I then called UPS and explained the story that I saw this driver with my own two eyes, and that in no way did he deliver this package. My husband even checked with our neighbors on both sides of our home, and nope--no package.

I called UPS again this morning, as did my sister who was the shipper. My sister made more progress with UPS and demanded they call the hub to speak with the driver or supervisor. Apparently the driver is sticking to the story that he delivered my package. He is a THIEF and a LIAR, and I will make it my number one priority to have him fired. I cannot believe UPS employs people like this. They claim they are doing an investigation and that could take up to 8 days. What is there to investigate when the customer is telling you they SAW YOUR DRIVER AND HE DID NOT DELIVER THE PACKAGE.

I will NEVER use UPS again. My husband is a power seller on EBAY and does TONS of shipping. Never again. I will not purchase online from people who intend to ship UPS either. This is unnacceptable! Who in the world steals from an 8 month old?

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Blair, Nebraska, United States #1206466

Thing is they can't verify your story with any other evidence it's your word against the drivers and you very well could have gotten the package and are trying to get some extra money from UPS through a claim.

Not calling you a liar but as a third party looking at this you cannot prove that you did not get your package.


This happened to my sister also only it was a $5000 Rolex and we think the owner of the UPS stole the watch. No support for UPS and they act like she's trying to get $ from false claim.

They have the worst customer service on the face of the earth. Thank god it was insured.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #904233

I had a recent experience with them. I dropped a pair of shoes on their drop box to be sent back to LL bean for an exchange (that was November 2).

It appears that the item was not scanned from the origin, when I checked it yesterday, Nov 20. I called both UPS and LLBean, and to my dismay, they can not do anything about it. UPS appears to be blaming me for this mishap. Seems like they think i'm making up stories to get a refund.

Our UPS guy might have new LLbeans for winter on my expense.

How can they sleep at night? Bunch of thieves and liars.


I had the almost exact incident happen to my wife and I on

November 5, 2014. I driver marked the package as delivered, but never even came our house.

I called UPS and they're defending his story that left the item next to the front door. I was working outside around my house all day and didn't even see a UPS truck all day.

to kenswansea 2 Bremerton, Washington, United States #960317

I had something similar happen to me. .

Marked as delivered and saw no UPS vehicle all day. On vacataion and was waiting for a game I ordered. Saw it was delivered when it wasn't. Called UPS and they said they would open an investigation after speaking with the driver.

. Over an hour later the driver shows up at my door and tells me he read the address wrong. . As I get the package and go inside I looked at it and there was a nice fat tear in the side just big enough to see the title.

I talked to neighbors and not one said they received a package in my name or they would have run it over immediately. . I don't know if he got the call and had a change of heart but all I know is I called the second it said there was a package delivered when there wasn't.

Don't waste any time contacting them. The sooner the better.


I had the same type issue. United States Postal Service is much more honest and reliable then UPS is.


On July 5, 2014 I bought a 50" tv, basketball goal, and basketball from amazon.com, 2 day delivery. According to UPS tracking, the tv was to be delivered on Monday.

Monday was perfect because I am off every Monday. The goal was going to be delivered by FedEx on Tuesday, and the goal did come as expected. The UPS driver came to deliver a small box which contained the basketball. I asked the driver where was my tv.

This was a new driver; my husband knew and used to work at UPS with our regular UPS driver. The new driver looked at me and asked, "What tv?" I explained to him that my tv was supposed to be delivered today along with the basketball. He muttered in a smart tone, "I don't know nothing about a tv." My husband called UPS customer service and was told that the tv is on another truck, so we should be getting it by 8:00 pm EST. After this time passed, my husband called again and was told that the tv would be delivered the next day.

The next day came and still no tv. My husband made contact with a supervisor who he knows personally at UPS. The supervisor told him that the truth is the tv is lost and to contact UPS to get another tv. How in the world could a big box like that get lost????

My husband told the supervisor, "Remember I used to work there. Someone stole the tv." Amazon ordered a new tv, which was flawlessly delivered by FedEx the next day.

I never want to use UPS again.

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #834974

My latest UPS delivery arrived quietly outside my door a busted open box with all merchandize gone. Apparently, UPS accepts only claims from the shipper.

All I could do is filing the police report that day and communicate with the shipper for a resolution. If the shipper takes no remedy, a charge back by my credit card since I am not in the delivery contract with UPS.

Palm City, Florida, United States #829096

Ups stole my package.if anyone doesn't believe me I have it printed the destination scans. Someone in the warehouse stole it.

will never use ups again. burn in *** ups.


I recently had a package sent to me from my son who is currently in N.M. We inquired about UPS shipping ammunition, & they said it wasn't a problem.

When my pckage arrived the ammunition was missing, but there was a woman's shirt in the open box. Not happy!!!


jerks lost a 1400.00 custom made per vehicle parti sent to a customer.filed a report.had to refund $.

6 months later nothing from UPS.next day i get a call to give me a 1400.00 dollar voucher# and would have a check i a few days.great i thought!will on the phone waiting for voucher #,UPS guy walks in delivery sir.the long lost custom part that no one wants any more.Voucher?POOF GONE.had to wait six months to get RIPPED OFF BY UPS


what I meant was this is crazy! my boyfriend is a ups driver.

I'm not saying any of this is not true.... I totally believe it. hey, there are thieves everywhere. I just don't understand why people would jeopardize such a great job for a few packages.

these guys make 70k-100 k per year... seems like a pretty great gig to me. sorry all this happened to you. UPS lost my packages three times, and even with a ups driver boyfriend, the whole process was exhausting.

even he couldn't help me despite his efforts! its a shame that people are getting their possessions stolen by the very people entrusted to get it to them. And the UPS customer center is worthless. Just so you know they are trained to say "oh, it will come today" even when it is clearly not coming.

they wait until they realize its been lost or sent to the wrong place to tell you they made a mistake. on one occasion, they assured me my lost package was coming, even after my boyfriend had come and gone for the day.


wow. this is crazy.


Yes one more. I just got 3 packages (2 new phones from sprint) tracked as delivered by UPS to the front desck of my buildem, the problem is that my builden has no front desck.

They start an investigation and the driver came to my door accusing me to be a liar and affirming that i receive the packages and iven signe it.And I DID NOT.

I called UPS costume services and thay said this is a normal procidure. Just verry mad that is my word against his.

Flushing, New York, United States #704814

I used to have an account with T-mobile , and on one of the lines I had an issue with the phone (Samsung galaxy s3) , requested a replacement.

The replacement was sent along with a return box and shipping label .

I followed the instructions and attached the shipping label on the box and dropped in a UPS drop box located at 2568 FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD ,FLUSHING,NY,11358.I felt that

the box got stuck and had to shake the box to ensure it drops down .This incident happened in first week of May 2013 .

However , after months of dropping the box , I get a call from T-mobile , that the shipment has not been returned . I called T-mobile , and after 5 failed attempts to

get T-Mobile to ask UPS to investigate the lost shipment , I gave up . Tmobile only opens a Handset research form , and only searches its own warehouse , never

contacts UPS . When asked if tmobile can provide me with a copy of communication between tmobile and ups , they declined .

I tried to contact UPS multiple times , and I was turned down by UPS stating that the shipping label is created by T-mobile , I am not authorized to open a claim on

that . After running round and round between T-Mobile and UPS , I had to file a complaint with BBB.

After a complain with BBB , UPS called me and said that they failed to find the box . There was no scan on the box , so no one can open any complain . However , after

a little search I have figured out that it is highly possible that is taken by the Driver , or UPS employee as the box was already marked as T-Mobile Return Shipment .

I have responded to BBB complain , and they rebutted the claim , saying this matter is closed (literally WTF ?)

Ups says there is no evidence that i have actually dropped the box.However , I do have multiple witness who i was with and the sales person working at a shipment shop

less then a block away who told me about the drop box . Unfortunately they dont accept UPS .I asked him if i could drop the package , he said they dont accept UPS , I

use this place as my regular shipping store , and he suggested me to drop the package in the drop box located in the next block .

I would also request T-Mobile , as I am sure T-Mobile keeps a record of IMIE numbers for the phone , to trace the old phone, and if it is in use , file a police

complaint as stolen . they never did that either.

The driver (I am supposing) is the only person to have the key to that drop box , therefore it must have been taken out by him .UPS Drivers are already known to be






It is shocking to see that soo many cases of lost cell phones have occurred with exactly the same story .

I am pretty sure the driver has picked it and never scanned it . As the box was marked by T-mobile as a T-mobile Return Equipment.

to Shazcx #783917

I am in the exact situation like yours now and I am soooo frustrated with T-Mobile and UPS. I returned the phone to T-mobile Texas return center and dropped it to UPS drop box on a Saturday night on January 11, 2014 at 10pm.

On February 8, 2014 I called T-Mobile customer service to see if they received my phone and they said they never did. And they said the last usage was on January 23 which was 12 days after I dropped it to UPs drop box. I assumed it was stolen and filed a complaint to T-Mobile.

They said they would email me within 72 hours to inform about the investigation. It was an Iphone 5s which costs $650 and I also have to pay $50 restocking fee and the phone bill that thief has been using for over $100 :( I am a poor college student and I feel so hopeless and miserable about this.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #674322

I was never going to write anything but im so mad! And the people who dont believe the stories get me even more mad!!

my mom and I bought the wrong phone from Tmobile so we decided to send it back through UPS. Tmobile said once they recieve the phone, they will give me back the money. Unfortunately, they never got it. I waited abt 4Weeks thinking it would take time.

My mom called UPS and supposedly they dont have our phone (lost) etc!! Now they're running an investigation for a $700-$800 phone and Tmobile wants us to pay for the whole phone!

Im pregnant and this alone is causing me stress. I want to call the police but I dont know if itll make a difference.

to sayray #696247

what was the end result? i am currently in the same dilemma.

i returned my iphone to the t-mobile return center in texas, it was never received. the package is officially lost. they found my package opened and with no phone in it.

a ups worker stole my phone. :(

New York, New York, United States #633298

searching for the closest ups location (as that was the return label I received) I found a ups driver and asked where I can go to drop off my package. He quickly pointed out the closest drop box.

He was even considerate enough to suggest I remove the sim card. Making the exceptional mistake of placing my galaxy note in a ups drop box and expecting it to get to Samsung for repair did cost and taught me a lesson I shall never forget. There was no initial scan which by the driver's perspective is the best way to steal someone's package. The investigation will always turn up as ups not being responsible for the package as there was no initial scan.

Doesn't that work out neat. Man, if I was a grimy thief ups would be the very first company I would think of applying for a job. Hey, let' all apply for jobs at ups.

We can steal back our losses! And right now I am seriously considering as ups, now to me, a filthy unregulated business with no regard to either customer information safety or customer satisfaction, needs to go out of business.


We just order the iPhone 5 cause they didn't have it in the store... We tracked it and it said it had been delivered...

Ummmm no one even came to our house... We called UPS and all they told us to do an investigation is have the person who shipped it (sprint) to call them and then they could investigate... And now we are spost to do nothing but wait 5 to 8 buisness days to find out about it... To top it all off we saw a UPS truck on the way to the sprint store and it just so happened to be the driver that dropped it off...

Funny how he couldn't remember where he had left it just a bit ago... When asked for his info he wouldn't give us any and has to follow him to get his truck number and license plate number... I'm sorry but that motherf*cker took it...

He had guilty written all over his face... This is such ***...

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