Plainfield, New Jersey
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UPS driver stole my 27Inch Apple IMAC, says he delivered it behind a garbagecan, tries to re-sell it at AMAZON & UPS refuse to compensate me. The driver is a thief!

Why leave such a large item in it's original manufacturer box careless on the first delivery attempt? Why is UPS allowing deliveries to garbage can instead of people especially when this was a private residence?

How can you possibly hide a 27 inch Apple iMAC behind a trashcan? Why didn't they leave an info-notice requesting that the buyer pick it up or be available for delivery?

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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LOL at all the loser UPS drivers on here


fact: you ordered something and asked for signature required (?) from retailer/etailer

fact: items shipped without signature requirement, or driver would not have done a driver release

fact: your item was not found

fact: you did not ship the item so YOU will not be reimbursed by UPS for item

fact: the shipper will be reimbursed

fact: you made libelous statements that you can neither validate nor offer any proof of

fact: i do not work for UPS

fact: i do post here under a ficticous name

fact: you post here under a ficticous name (or you would be sued for libel)

fact: you don't have facts, or merely refuse to post here truthfully

susposition/presumption: had driver left a delivery notice, you would be here complaining that the item wasn't left at your residence because it's very inconvenient to wait at home all day or drive to the local center


@2 cents you obviously do not know the facts so I suggest you keep your comments to yourself. When in doubt it is best to ask before assuming and hiding behind a fictitious name.


maybe that will help you buy a clue.

no one trying to justify anything just stating facts. you on the other hand are the one making libelous claims of stolen merch by a driver with attempts at reselling on amazon. instead of making wild claims and further more attempting to bully me with a false assumption that you know who i am or think i work for ups, just pay attention.

ups will pay verifiable claims to the shipper of the merchandise...THAT IS NOT YOU. sorry i felt like i had to use caps because you apparently don't listen. ups will pay for items left on a doorstep that turn ups missing, they do not "refuse to compensate" but they will only reimburse the shipper, again, that is not you. so because they are not paying you does not mean they are not paying.

there's your 2 cents, sweetie, now put your habit back on and fly around the convent til you cool off and/or get a clue.


@ u not smart you are a UPS worker and we know who you are. No need to hide behind a fake name and justify anything wrong.


You requested signature for delivery from the shipper but that means nothing if they didn't specify and pay for signature service when they shipped it.

You are not the one generating the label, you didn't pay the UPS bill so you didn't request UPS to do anything.


@Rick We requested signature required but they clearly didn't bother to do that.

@Alexander it is awful. Why can't they leave an info-notice so customers can retrieve sensitive items at the local center.


this is the difference between signature required and no signature required.

and UPS is NOT refusing to pay for this, anything that's stolen off your porch is covered 100%. apple would be the one who would get compensated first, not you.


UPS indeed stinks, 2 weeks ago i order a video card from newegg. i pay 2 day delivery and was supposed to get it by friday, the UPS guy came at 12 o clock at the time Everyone is working and left me a note that he will try again Monday, wth i pay 2 day delivery, so i call UPS and complain i ended up having to pick it up at 9 pm in the warehouse.

This week i order a medium size desktop tower, worth 179$, and guess what, when i got home i found the huge box with a pc painted on it on top of the open front garage sofa facing the road, the thing that *** me off is that they dont even bother to hide it or anything they just simply dont care, Yes they dont leave a small box behind a trashcan but they do leave a huge box and dont bother to hide or cover it, UPS scks bad there is no doubt about it. Also i have a big trashcan, didnt bother to put my package behind it.


Blame the shipper!!!NO sig. required means we leave it..YOUR fault for ordering online.. Best Buy has plenty in stock!!!!Think ,instead of saving $4.00 you lost it all DUH