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Dear UPS,

When I was at my Son's house last, he showed me how to order items in my internet shopping cart. I was so excited because I get very exhausted pushing the shopping carts at the Dollar General store in town. As you can guess a few days later the UPS truck comes up the gravel way. He gets out of the truck starts making trips for the 16 packages that I ordered.

This is where it gets bad...He is dripping sweat all over these boxes with my items in them!! the gravel dust is bad enough, but this is just unacceptable. I just can't believe it. All he does is set them on my porch. I ask him when he is going to take them inside for me, and he said he could not do it! Then he had the nerve to tell me his water jug ran out an hour ago and there is no where in the area to refill, and asked if he could use my hose. I was irate at this point and told him that he needs to go down to the Dollar General if he wants some water. I though this company was all about service. I would rather have my son drive me back down to the store if I want something!

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Salt Lake City, Utah, United States #1228305

Yeah in some States what you did, by not giving water to a person, was illegal. In every state it is immoral and indecent.


Terrible person. Hope your dollar store junk was smashed to pieces.


You are ridiculous, selfish and lazy! I can't believe you would not give another person water when they needed it.


What an *** you are.You have no idea how hard it is being a ups driver.

Those guys are the hardest workers in the planet.

They work in the most extreme conditions with the most physically and mentally challenging job you could ever imagine.Next time do your research in what those guys do and have to go through before you start blabbing like a high maintenance lazy piece of ***


This makes me sick!My dad is a UPS driver and I hardly ever see him!

The fact that you were mad because sweat was dropping on the box is horrible. They work their butts off every day, and there is always someone like you. I can not believe why some person would not give him water, if he was sweating for your 16 packages!!!!

Did you even know that some UPS drivers get bit by dogs every day, people yell at them, and my dad has even gotten some gun threats!They keep their hands dirty and rough so their family can keep theirs clean and smooth!


U need to get a life and a *** job shut the *** up


What a *** you are...


What an insensitive witch.Did it ever cross your mind that temps were in the 90's which was probably why you had your son take you to Dollar General in the first place.

YOU didn't want to get out in the heat and then heaven forbid you might have to carry your purchases into your home. Then you would not even offer him the use of your water hose let alone a cold glass of water. No compassion.

Terrible treatment of your fellow man.


What a *** bet she's 300 plus

Lewisville, Texas, United States #998676

Don't worry lady,they are switching to Drones soon to deliver your packages.

You think sweat on your boxes is a big deal,wait until they're dropped from 500 feet up!

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