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At the end of my honeymoon, I shipped a case of wine to myself from California to Washington, DC using a UPS endorsed mail center. 3 weeks later I received notification from UPS that the shipment was damaged.

Our insurance claim was denied because UPS said we did not use a specific grade of Styrofoam. They also will not let us claim our box to see if anything was salvageable. We were never told the insurance was only valid if we used UPS shipping materials. The UPS manager named CJ (operator ID 2494) refused to give me his last name or the dispute claim phone number.

So I am starting an "I HATE UPS" campaign. There was a giant sign on the box that said "WINE" Im sure the UPS staff enjoyed my frickin Pinot Noir.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Manager.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #588973

You ARE licensed to ship Wine ?

It is a product that individuals cannot ship, if caught, it can be 5 yrs in the Pen, and $250,000 fine.

Shipping Wine across State Lines is federal Offense, attempting to avoid State Taxes !

Read the UPS Tariffs, regarding shipping Wine, or any Acoholic Beverages.

Oh, and per UPS Shipping Procedures, you can produce proof you required Adult Signature ?

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