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This is my story I ordered a package yesterday and paid $30.00 for next day delivery. I decided to call the Coach store and made an inquiry in regards to my package.

The customer service representative stated there was an attempt to deliver the package today. I go downstairs and long and behold a post it notice on my door. Now mind you my bedroom is above my door so why is it my package has not been delivered?

That driver made no real attempt to knock on my door because had he I would've heard him/her.

There was no television on, no music nothing but a quiet room.

Smh I am so annoyed right Noel

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

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Birmingham, Alabama, United States #787864

If the Driver made no effort to deliver, who put the notice on your door, the Easter Bunny?

He or She would rather come back twice more than get it deivered on the first try? Yeah right!

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