Honestly, every single time I have an issue with a delivery service it's with UPS. This week I was supposed to receive a package from Amazon.

I received a notice on Tuesday that they tried to make an attempt and would come back Wednesday. I had people waiting for UPS on Wednesday. They never showed up. I called them later and they said the driver tried to make an attempt in the afternoon.

I called customer service and told them the driver never came. They contacted the service center that told me the driver said "There was construction in the area". There was no construction. They said they would call me back to make future arrangements.

They never called me back. Then I called on Thursday to have them deliver the package to my neighbors house in the back. They never called me back. The driver didn't deliver the package again.

I called them, The driver said "There was no house number and couldn't knock on every door". Are we even talking about the same house? There's one door in the front with a house number. I told them I didn't want to deal with the BS and said I would just pick up the package.

The customer service rep said I couldn't. I finally got a supervisor that made the arrangements.

FYI: My roommate that works for the post office told me that UPS and FedEX contract USPS to deliver the mail sometimes. I would just go with USPS.

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