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I received an email saying that an important package had been delivered to my house and left by the front door. But I was doing some front yard work at the time of the supposed delivery.

The package was not delivered. I contacted UPS and told them the story. Later, the UPS driver came to my house and insisted he had left the package by my front door. I knew he was lying to my fact.

Later we saw that the package appeared by our front door. I theorized that the package had been left at some other house and a nice neighbor had brought it to my house. So I emailed the neighbors in our informal homeowners group explaining what had happened and asking the good neighbor to let me know if, indeed, that was what happened and, if so, what their address was.

The next morning I found the email telling which neighbor had brought the package many hour after the supposed delivery to my house to our house. I called the UPS supervisor and let her know that the UPS driver had blatantly lied to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you really want to get this POS driver in trouble, request management review the GPS log of the vehicle he was driving that day. It will show the lie fold out and be grounds for his termination.