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We live in an apartment complex. Since our apartment's front door is in a hallway full of other apartments, we have a sign on our door that says "do not leave package here, bring to front office" and have only had one UPS *** read it and disregard it (I watched as he did it) but thankfully I was coming home at that moment.

This time, the *** delivery driver disregarded our note and our package worth $150.00 was stolen. Driver negligence facilitated the theft of our property. All UPS can say is "sorry." One woman who works for UPS customer service even hung up on me! UPS told us their drivers have full discretion to leave packages despite customer wishes.

That is to say, the customer loses because UPS hires *** drivers. After over three hours with UPS customer service, we've gotten nowhere, and we've been given false names and numbers!!

I've never been so offended in my life by a company, how dare UPS give drivers that much discretion with other people's property. I want my money back and that driver fired or at least reprimanded!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States #802001

Delivered as addressed, that is the requirement. How dare you be such a blathering dip$hit to not have your parcel addressed to the office in care of... :x

Gainesville, Florida, United States #800853

By the way, look at your comment. You only have one space between sentences, too.

Gainesville, Florida, United States #800850

Sweetie, I did put the spaces. The spaces were changes after I submitted.


Most likely the woman hung up on you because you were behaving like a three year old instead of an adult. Also before making fun of someone else's intelligence, learn that when you separate sentences leave two spaces instead of one, seriously calling people unintelligent when you cannot even leave two spaces between sentences, which is something taught in the third grade.

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