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I live on a small farm in SE North Carolina. My driveway is about ¼ mile long to my house. Behind the house, approximately 1/8 mile is a hay barn.

On Thursday, December 22, 2011, at approximately 5:15PM I walked to the barn to feed my horses and was accompanied by 5 of my small dogs. They like to go to play and eat horse feed the horses drop. They always stay near me in the field and always come to me when called. At about 5:30PM as I was about to put out hay, my other 2 dogs , who are in a fenced backyard, started barking. Thinking they were barking at a possum or something, I didn't pay much attention but a few minutes later I did notice that my 7 month old, 35-40 pound, hound puppy Marlee was not at the barn with me and the other dogs. I called her a few times and she didn't come which was unusual, but I thought she had gone to see what the backyard dogs were barking at and since I was almost done feeding, I didn't go looking for her. About 5:45PM I had finished with the hay and started walking back to the house and, again, called Marlee. She still didn't come and I began to worry about her. I got to the house still calling Marlee, and went to put the other dogs inside and noticed a UPS package, that I was expecting on Friday, on the porch. Now I was very worried. I put the dogs inside, walked around near the house calling for Marlee and she still didn't come. By now it was almost dark, so I go in my car and started slowly down the driveway looking for Marlee. I found her, lying at the side of the drive about 150 to 200 ft. from the paved road, between the road and the house. She was lifting her upper body with her front legs and trying to get to me. I could see she was injured and I got out of the car to get her. Inoticed her back leg wasn't working and thought she might have a broken leg. She was not bleeding but appeared to have been hit by a vehicle. I put her in the car and went to the house to call me vet. When I went inside, leaving Marlee in the car, I looked at the clock as my vet closes at 6PM – I saw that it was 6:05PM and hoped to reach someone at the vet. I did find someone there and rushed Marlee to the vet. When I arrived they took Marlee in for Xrays and brought her to the exam room to wait for my vet to read them. While she was on the table, she leaned her head against me and I then saw that neither her back legs not her tail were moving and she had a large bump in the middle of her back. The vet came in shaking his head. I looked at him and said "Her back is broken, isn't it?" He replied "Yes, in two places." It was so bad we had no choice but to put her to sleep. My vet was incredulous that the driver appeared not to have stopped to let me know or help her.

There is NO doubt that it was the UPS truck that hit my puppy. The package was not on the porch at 5:15PM when I left the house but it was there at about 5:45PM when I went back. Marlee was with me from the time we left the house until about 5:30PM when my other dogs started barking and no one else with or without a vehicle was on my property during that time.

This was Christmas weekend and I didn't have a chance to call UPS until Monday, 12/26/11. After trying several ways, I finally reached a live person who said UPS was closed for the holiday, but he would leave a message and someone would call me Tuesday morning, 12/27/11,. No one called. I waited a day and called them back. The man I spoke with after speaking to a lady (I think an assistant manager) told me the Lumberton, NC manager was not going to be back at work until Tuesday, 1/3/12 and that he would call me by 10 AM. He also said he spoke with the driver and the driver said "I didn't hit no dog, there was a dog running around by the street but I didn't hit it". This is NOT true as the dog was with me until after the driver came and she was NOT running around the street. She obviously must have run down the driveway when the driver was leaving. Well, I kept waiting for a call that never came and on Friday, 1/6/12, I called them again. This was at 4:45PM and they said someone would call me within an hour. I said I was leaving at 5PM and was told they would call me between 7 and 8 PM that night at home. I waited by the phone and again, no call. It is now Monday, 1/9/12 and no one from UPS has ever bothered to call me in spite of all the promises.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

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The same thing happened to our family today 1/28/16. UPS driver came up our private road and ran over our small white dig.

Did not stop - Neighbor saw it - called wife and she rushed home only to have the dog die in her arms.

UPD driver denied it was he that hit the dog and UPS supervisors were aggressively defensive.

*** them


I'm sorry about how *** my comment was. I don't know what I was thinking.

The poor dog was innocent and that UPS driver was negligent.

He was only concerned with getting to his next stop and didn't watch in front of the truck. It never said the dog was biting at the wheels so it probably wasn't.


I'm sorry about how *** my comment was. I don't know what I was thinking.

The poor dog was innocent and that UPS driver was negligent.

He was only concerned with getting to his next stop and didn't watch in front of the truck. It never said the dog was biting at the wheels so it probably wasn't.


Have a sign at beginning of driveway "no ups deliveries accepted. No trespassing.

Rts all packages." Otherwise keep your dogs under leash. Do you think the driver purposely ran over a puppy?

As a driver the problem is dogs try to *** wheels when truck is moving,puppies have no sense and may have been playing with tires. To shift blame from dog owner to driver is to avoid responsibility.


bow wow if your mutt gets in my way .....


But I think it's OK that ups drivers speed. They have a very important job. Who cares if people get killed. Especially who cares about dogs and cats. Children too. The only important people are ups drivers.

Next time I will let him hit me. Then there will be one less person in a ups drivers way.



I was walking my pooch tonight. Saw big truck coming at me fast.

Flashed my flashlight as I jumped onto a lawn.

Ups driver sped up when he saw my light. Seemed to be aiming form me.


JOE B...Suzi Wow THE death of a dog brings out such hate you advocate the death of a driver.. JOE B you would murder a person WOW run him over !!!I hope that KARMA do's not catch you on that road.YOU must be a social conservative!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


i didn't see it in your post...did you call the police and report it when it first happened?


December 22, 2011 was the winter solstice - the shortest day of the year as far as daylight is concerned. At 5:30 P.M.

it was dark. Please consider the possibility that the driver didn't see the dog, or felt it IF he did run over it.

The loss of a pet is a sad thing. You have my sincere sympathy, but don't judge the driver too harshly.


suzi joe B you place a hound over a human being you are truly pathetic!!!!


Well how the heck is ups going to make the delivery?? walk 1mile?? 5:15 it's dark how the heck can he see this dog??andto the pyscho who wish the person harm IT'sONLY A MUTT 1 less is fine by me :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :p :p :p :p :p :p :p


You people are idiots. It says the dog was NOT RUNNING AROUND THE STREET.

It was on a farm, the owners property and not in your pathetic front yard. Those comments about control are ignorant.

The dog was almost 3/4 mile from the road and away from the owner only a few minutes and never left the property. As for the person who said 1 less dog on my route, perhaps your truck will crash because there was ice on the street and then someone can say one less driver on the road and you should have controlled your truck.


Keep your dogs under control and this won't happen.

Joe Btfsplk

toaday4, idiotcare, i8dung:

The dogs were on private property as was the UPS driver. What do you not understand about that?

Folks like you give humanity a bad name. I hope some day all of you and a dog are standing in the middle of a road I am traveling on. The dog will not have to worry, but you sure will.

Joe B.


1 less dog on my rt. is better than 1 more stinken hound!!!!!!!Hate those mutts


As i see it you should have had that dog under control..so who is really at fault?The guy who is delivering your junk at nite or the owner who failed to keep her mutt under control.. :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry


To bad only 1


To bad only 1 got smushed.....


that is a shame.and very sad.