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A UPS driver kicked my dog 3 times in the face while delivering my package today.

This was a very emotional experience for our family.

I went out to check my mail and upon opening my garage I heard what sounded like someone yelling (turns out it was just the UPS driver there to deliver a package... he was talking very loudly on his phone) My 26 pound frenchie goes running out of the garage like he always does... - he hears the loud voice and stops- then starts to trot towards the UPS driver who sees me and my dog, yet continues his conversation ignoring the fact that we were there (fine- IDC, saves me from having to talk to another *** in this world) my dog barks at him- my dogs bark is very non intimidating.... he's a frenchie ... a frenchie that the pizza delivery guys know by name and the USPS driver always speaks to (LOL).

The UPS driver must have felt threatened about my dog trying to run up to him because he proceeds to kick my dog in the face... I tell him- STOP KICKING MY DOG, to which he replies "don't tell me to stop kicking your dog, he was going to bite me" (UPS Guy is still on the phone) I said no he isn't he's not mean.......at this point I am upset and anxious and my dog gets antsy so he really does bark and growl at the UPS driver who at this time, kicks my dog again- I tell him to get off my property..he kicks my dog a third time and turns to leave, my dog came back to my side.. he didn't give the guy another thought.. Again, he's not a mean dog!

... All this while still on his phone having his conversation... he must not have felt threatened enough to get off his phone, yet he felt the need to assault my animal. I have made a formal complaint with UPS and Amazon.

I have seen multiple complaints about UPS drivers kicking dogs. I doubt anything will come of this but I did want to share my experience with the public.

This is appalling. My dog is a family dog, he resembles a mini pig with pointy ears... I do not understand how it is acceptable for UPS to allow their drivers to behave this way. Furthermore... do they not offer some sort of training outlining how to deal with homes that have animals???? .. I am at a loss.

UPS did apologize to us for the incident but that doesn't make it any better.

My pup seems to be okay at this point, we are monitoring him closely and will continue to do so to determine if further care is needed..... I just can't understand how this is okay. The exact reason I prefer animals over people.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

UPS Pros: Fact that they support amazon prime.

UPS Cons: Customer service rude, Inabilty to perform primary task, Poor customer service.

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I was bitten by a dog...I proceeded to crack open its skull with the 7 lb hand held device that we use. When it comes down to YOUR dog or the delivery person...YOUR dog will LOSE every time!!!


"I have seen multiple complaints a" I've seen multiple complaints from pet owners who whine that UPS and other delivery drivers will not come on to their property to deliver because of unrestrained dogs. No one is going to try and figure out if your pet family or fur baby is tame our not.

It will either get kicked or your package will be delivered outside the range of your dog. Make a choice.