Chapel Hill, Tennessee

UPS delivery guy was delivering a package to my business when my 30 pound austraiian shepard circled behind him and sniffed his shoe; he suddenly kicked my dog, getting her airborne, and claimed she bit him. I was within 5 feet of the incident, she didn't *** him (I wish she had).

Yhis dog is on site everyday and has never offered to *** anyone. I told him if he kicked my dog again I was going to kick his *** and he snarled back he'd kick mine. He delivered the package and then reminded me there is a leash law in our county so I asked him when he was hiding his. He would not give his name but I will find it and raise total *** with UPS.

I spend several thousand dollars a year with them and I have cancelled the account and switched over to Fed Ex. The guy was a total *** and a great PR guy for UPS!!!

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You will lose this argument every time. You need to talk to the animal control authority for your area.

They will educate you accordingly and give you a warning. You are responsible for the dog no matter what. A delivery person should not have to wonder whether its safe to enter a property or not. A lack of language control doesn't help matters either.

A simple apology (whether right or wrong) would have been all it took for a resolution. I am not a delivery person but am sympathetic to the thousands of situations that delivery people have to endure every day.


My security tape shows a UPS driver THROWING MY PACKAGE AT MY DOG!!! My dog was just laying there and was just sleeping and wasn't even attacking the driver. Want to sue UPS for animal abuse.


Since you are clearly not a "dog person" I would suggest you stay away from the package delivery profession.


A UPS man in Atlanta also claimed that my dog bit him. I said "no way" and asked to see the mark.

Obviously, there was not one. He later called animal control who gave us a warning.

I called UPS and reported his volatile personality and said that I did not want him on my street or near my family.

The dog is question is very gentle and afraid of most thing. I'm certain she was protecting herself since he was threatening to throw the box he carries around to record the packages at her.


Your dog may be kind and gentle to you. But I have been bitten by dogs people assured me where nice.

Why do you let your dog approach the u.p.s guy?

I think your at fault. He is just trying to do his job.


Put your dog on a leash. That UPS driver does not have time to wait to see if you dog is going to *** him. I would kick the dog and you.


I am a UPS driver and I cant stand people who think it is our responsibility to cater to your dog. If you order a package and want it delivered you have invited me onto your property.

It is then your responsibility to make sure I am safe on your property. Making me dodge your dog does not make me feel safe and I have every right to protect myself against an agressive animal big or small.


I am confused was this public property? What are the leash laws?

The proper answer was you should of called the cops, told him you were calling the cops, and not to leave. Many areas require all dog *** (and claims) to be investigated. It would be very easy to tell if the dog actually bit the person. Cops most likely won't show up for an hour.

Additionally you should of reported him for animal cruelty, It would be he said she said, but at least it will be documented. Dealing with the police is a big waste of time, I agree, but if the guy did it once he will do it again. Unless the man had reason to believe he was going to be harmed he can't just kick an animal. If it were a blood sport animal like a pit he could be justified as they were designed for violence so that behavior is expected.

Best of all Once the call to the police is made he really can't leave. He leaves, the cops show up, you say UPS driver kicked my dog. Takes your statement, takes statements of people who know the dog or witness.

The cop calls UPS you don't have to do another thing. Make sure you call 911 first once you get the operator then talk to the guy, he will most likely confess to kicking your dog.


I have a 25 lbs chihuahua mix, and she was barking at the UPS guy and he hit her in the head with his scanner opening up a wound and after he kicked her sending her tumbing. This was all while my husband and I were around the corner of our house.

We immediately checked on her and made the UPS man leave our property promptly. We don't understand this reaction because our past UPS deliverers usually just wait until our dog sniffed them then proceeded to deliver our packages. Before this incident we were always pleased by UPS. After this incident we will no longer use UPS' services.

Our dog has received three stitches on her head. It was a truly horrible situation.


Hi! I am a 30lb australian sheperd, let me tell you a bit about myself!

The breed is typically highly energetic, requiring a great deal of exercise and attention. Sometimes they can be calm and easy-going. An Australian shepherd enjoys working, whether it is learning and practicing tricks, competing in dog agility, or engaging in any other physically and mentally involving activity.[9]

Dogs may show reserved and cautious guarding behaviors. They are kind, loving, and devoted to those they know. They are very loyal to their owners, and are rewarding dogs if treated well.[9] Because the breed was developed to serve on the ranch, a job which includes being protective of its property, it is inclined to bark warnings about neighborhood activity. It is not inclined toward obsessive barking.

Yes that's wikipedia, however, I have known many and almost every single one I have met, while very sweet, is prone to nipping. THEY HERD THINGS! That's what they have been bred to do. Why the *** is your dog at your office anyway?! Anyway given your proposed vantage point you couldn't really see what happened to the guy anyway. Use your brain business man!


QUOTE wiht original mispelling: "my 30 pound austraiian shepard circled behind him and sniffed his shoe" Okay, if a 30 lb dog "circled" up behind me and "sniffed my shoe" it would scare the bejeezus out of me and your dog would likely go on another flight! Your dog may not have bitten before but there is a first time for everything.

With the attitude you've shown, I sincerely hope the UPS guy files a report with local law enforcement or animal control, as others have said FEDEX does not hesitate to do so. If your dog "sniffs" the shoe of a fedEx driver, you'll likely be needing an attorney.


lucky i wasn't there..your dog would be um lets say a goner. *** people we don't want to be friends with your bit once called my lawyer ,then the cops long story put down,my pockets are full..


Im a ups driver and you know that little scanner we walk with, that we use for signatures?? In our orientation we are told to use that to hit a dog or whatever you find if you think its gonna *** you and dont worry about the customers, ups will take care of i dont think even if you emailed the ceo if ups that driver would not be in trouble or more likely wont even be questioned...and what if the dog did *** him??

Wat wud u say?? "This the first time it did it, never bitten anyone before"???

Little too late for that dont you think? What amazes me is the professionalism the driver showed u cuz if if wasnt a ups driver then he wudve take ur dogs leash n stuck it up ur *** for make a *** comment!


You may have told off the driver but be aware Fed Ex policy is to take legal action for any dog bites as does the post office. So be careful what you wish for. If your smart, remove the risk.


Are you 100% positive that you precious little angel of a dog didn't nip him a little bit? You can complain to his employer but I bet it won't do any good if you weren't obeying the leash law.

Where I live if you have a dog tied near your door and it bites somebody you can get in trouble. You had no right to ask the driver where his leash was, by doing that you were exasperating the situation.