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My package was marked as shipped and "left on porch" when we had been home all day and never saw a truck go down our street. After many many many ad nauseum calls to customer service, they finally got a local office person to call us back and they left a voicemail saying "um, it looks like the driver for some reason we don't know why left your package at this other address" (and they gave the address...which, when we tried to look it up, DOES NOT EVEN EXIST!)

The shipper started a claim (and sadly admitted this has happened to her many times), but I am concerned the driver just stole the package (which, considering what we ordered means they are a *** or have some strange tastes or will get a surprise when they open it! ha!)

But... while I am sure our credit card will honor the dispute and reverse the charge (because we literally never received our package and have voicemail evidence of them admitting they just decided to not do their jobs- also...WTF with that?!) I am pretty sure we will not be able to order anything that uses UPS as a shipper again, or play "turnover-roulette" and hope the driver falls in line with the other disillusioned UPS employees* and quits and we get a new one (who can read addresses on packages) soon.

*if you want to see more of what I mean by this go read the Glassdoor.com reviews where they complain about union infighting and no time to see their loved ones and not receiving their actual paychecks or have been shorted time on their paychecks (for any UPS employees reading this, call the US Dept of Labor on that one and they will get wage-theft/withholding issues resolved in only a few days!) - unhappy workers mean unhappy customers...

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: My biller and/or the claims process will take care of the refund. I will no longer be using UPS, and I will make sure everyone I can tell knows about the purposeful/intentional misrouting behaviors of their drivers. .

UPS Pros: That mail theft is still a felony.

UPS Cons: That the misdelivery seemed intentional, Scripted and robotic call center, Lack of real empathy for customers, Refusal to identify.

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Don't know how to manage actually giving you the package when they say. I have yet to have a package come on time.

FedEx is A LOT better. They actually care about customer service. They go above and beyond when to make sure it's here or before it's supposed to be. UPS is ***.

Tired and down with they're lack of giving a ***.

I've been waiting on a part for my car ( which I need fixed for work?!!!!) and have yet to receive it. I guess you can only blame you're self because they don't change.