Kingston, New Hampshire

We do LOTS of buying online. We also have a long steep driveway.

One day this summer my wife had our then 11 month old in her arms at the end of the driveway when UPS showed up with a large heavy package. Driver was in a mood and in a hurry - expected her to somehow carry both the baby and the package to the house. My wife asked him to bring the package to the door for her. That was the last intact package we received via UPS - all subsequent deliveries have looked like they were shipped from Beiruit - holes in the boxes, crushed items etc.

We finally complained to UPS 2 days ago spelling out our side of the story to an anonymous voice on the telephone.

Today a package came in and wife showed me it was perfect. She opened it and found the (Lego) boxes inside ripped open - someone had carefully slit the tape on the back of the shipping box, slid their hand in and destroyed the product packaging inside.

Upon calling to complain - 26 minutes on the phone without resolve - an empty promise that I'd get a callback within the hour (right)

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