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I work all day, and can't be home to receive packages. I tell companies to send via USPS or FedEx, but some don't listen and send UPS anyway.

I live in an apartment complex and our doorbells don't work, and the lazy, good-for-nothing maintenance man won't fix them, no matter how much tenants complain about it. Because of this, I have my neighbor watch for UPS and have previously left instructions for UPS to either leave the package with my neighbor or leave it outside the main door, which is a locked security door. He refuses to call my neighbor because he says the truck has no phone and he won't use his personal cell phone. He's very uncooperative, and insists I sign a slip before I get my package.

My neighbor has run for the truck without her coat on in wintertime trying to catch him, and has fallen and had an accident already trying to run downstairs to the truck, things which I did not ask her to do or want her to do. This is the fault of UPS, who could simply leave the package as I asked...but they choose not to.

These drivers are arrogant clowns and I wish companies and individuals would put them out of business by not doing business with them anymore. I've never had this problem with FedEx; they simply leave my packages.

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Some companies don't have a choice. If they have a contract to ship UPS they are not going to have your package sent by FedEx or USPS.

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