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The driver lied that he visited my house for a delivery. No notice was left and my room mates and I were all present at home.

Contacted Customer service and they took the driver side... figured. How is this company still operating. The government should really regulate the service these company provide since they really rip people off on the brokerage fee they charge.

Now they say they will attempt a second delivery, guess I will have to pick it up at the local post office, seeing how incompetent everything is about this company.

PS: companies please do not use UPS as your main delivery agents, you will make your customer mad and they will never buy from your site again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Pick Up Service.

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Ups are liars. Gucci stop using such a useless company.

That did not attempt second delivery. I was home all day today and checked my cameras. No ups came. Whole day wasted.

You must get a lot of complaints. The service really is disgusting!!!!

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