they make you do 60 percent of the driver job and you only get pay 15 percent what the driver make in one day;only 8.50. and the big guy pull more than 300 per day while season is peaking.they make you park your car all around the city to meet the truck and wont pay you for gas or mileage.you have to bring about two gallons of water because you will sweat about four in six hours.they make you sign an agreement you will be working until december 31 and the terminated employment the 23rd. I really hope I dont have to do this job ever again in my life.I will take it as a life experience.

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Torrington, Connecticut, United States #1256014

the job Really blows this is my 3rd year working with seasonal driver helper for UPS i thought considering they raised the minimum wage to 10.15 an hour that it would be worth it but I was wrong I don't know what I ever saw in this job its freezing cold and you do a *** load of work for garbage pay its not worth it


I worked hard as *** as a former u.p.s driver helper. I was so *** great my driver keeped wanting me to work with him, every driver helper is suppost to have a different driver each day.

The bad part is i worked a whole bunch of hours, the first week i worked from 2pm to 10pm for four days. the driver did not have me sign my clock in/out time sheet, instead he signed it himself and my check read 24 hours for me that first week. After that they keeped freaken screwing my check over. I fail on my back on solid concret & even worked in the rain for these u.p.s brown *** ***.

It really & always will *** me off U.P.S stills owes me money for my services!

To any in the future thinking about working as a U.p.s driver helper trust me its not worth the time & stress you have to go through to make a garbage based pay. U.P.S SUCKS!!!


:grin I know for a fact considering I have done christmas help you are totally full of ***. stop *** and consider yourself lucky you even got considered for the job.


Here's proof:

November/December 2011 rate:

Working 15 days over a period of 5 weeks earned the following:

89.45 hours X $8.50 hour = $763.95 total pay

Days worked = 15 X $6 per day gas and $5 per day lunch = $11 per day deduction



598.95 divided by 89.45 hours worked = $6.69 per hour

Factor time traveled (1.2 hours per day 18 hours) and 1 hour lunch (15 hours) required per day.

True amount before taxes of my time = 89.45 + 18 + 15 = 122.45 spent away from home

$598.95 divided by 122.45 hours spent = $4.89 per hour value of my UPS job before taxes.

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