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In Kansas City Metro area in Lenexa, KS at the 35 North to 435 West on ramp I was merging in with a car behind me. There was a UPS driver in the center lane that decided to turn into the right lane right as I and the car behind me was coming into the same lane to merge.

It is quite obvious despite having a door mostly made of window he cannot see ***. So I blare my horn and punch the gas my truck had the power to get in front of him. Close the Lackman exit the driver tries to attempt to push me around I mean come on really you having a road rage fit in busy traffic. Whether or not he was exiting off at the Lackman exit I made him get off I am glad because it is drivers like this that make our highways unsafe.

The time this happened was 6:35-6:40pm Central Time on Wednesday May 30, 2012. UPS drivers in general suck at driving but I know I am not the only one irritated at them.

I will not be sad in the least if these Bad drivers were fired or pulled over by the police for recklessness.

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