Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I ordered an ATT I phone online. When the UPS driver delivered the box, he had me sign for it.

However when I opened the box, I could see the tape had been removed once and re-taped. When I opened the box, my I phone was not there. The only items in the box were a wall plug, the empty sim card holder, and a quick reference guide. I was pissed.

I've always hated dealing with UPS and I will never order for another company if their only method of shipping is UPS. I was pleased that ATT said they would re-ship using FedEX.

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Same happened to me but from amazon and a 1300 laptop. Boo ups but yay amazon I had a refund the next day


Only advice that I can give you as far as stolen merchandise is to contact the seller, if it is a high value item you will most likely need to provide a police report or police report number (Suffolk county does not provide a copy of the police report, just the report number, you can request it from SCPDHQ in yaphank, but it takes a while) also take pictures of the box.

As far as apparently psychotic UPS driver, I think that is one in a million, but if it ever does happen, get the commercial plate number and call the police.

My lucky story is I ordered a computer from tigerdirect at about $1200.00. Tigerdirect did not provide a tracking number so i had to run home from work the second day to grab it after it was delivered. I slid the box inside and went back to work. When I finally did get to open the box, I had three pieces of foam. Must be some *** fine foam.


Suffolk County Auxiliary Police


Had a UPS semi driver pulling a tandem trailers cut me off and threatened me here in Long Island on Merrick Ave. in Hempstead (Uniondale?) Long Island at approximately 7:30 t0 8:30 PM on thursday 10/14/2010.

He aggressively tailgated me with his vehicle and exhibited violent driving. Had to pull off to a parking lot to get away from this nut.

UPS, if you read this you know who was pulling a tandem trailers near the coliseum on Thursday night on Merrick?, October 14, 2010 at around 7:30 to 8:30 PM.

This driver is a HUGE Aggressive liability to your company, heads up!!!!

After I pulled-off I tried to follow and get his number, this person will kill someone due to his temper!


Same here. Only this time FED EX f****d it up.

I was so excited to get my phone delivered this morning. Opened the brown box, and no phone. The actual box the phone was in was open. The battery, paperwork, adapter, and usb cord were all there.

*** Thieves!

So I call Cell South, Fed Ex, Cell South, Fed Ex, Cell South, Fed Ex, and finaly Cell South again. They MAY be able to send out another phone in 2 days :( :( :( :(


It sucks that happened. It's a good thing phones these days are GPS enabled. They will be able to track down the person that tries to activate it!


Just happened to me too! Not to mention the bull I had to go through to get this empty box.

I ordered my phone June 26th 2009 from Rogers to get my 32GB Iphone 3GS. and here I am Sept 22 09.... Maybe christmass???

Rogers says they will investigate and then maybe after 10days they will send out another one to me. so, then another couple weeks for shipping to get another empty box.

Shame on UPS and shame on Rogers


OMG!!! That JUST happened to me this morning.

My friend use to work for UPS and he used to take Red Monkey Jeans from the sort line so I should have known about UPS. Now I have to wait until next week to get my phone. This is ludicrous and ridiculous to say the least.

A colleague of mine works there late at night at the Eisenhower Rd station in Virginia (Alexandria) and says that they have been known to hire like halfway house and *** smokers there since their "union" does not permit them to drug test or screen their employees. I will check with AT&T to see if they can ship it through FEd-EX instead.


OMG!!!! That happened to me today waiting on my Sidekick lx and signed for it and sat down on my couch and notice that the bubble package looked like it was open and retaped and when I pulled out the phone box the seal was open and yup NO PHONE i was mad so i called ups and my phone company

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