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Review Detail Thrown pacage Ups 1/5 original star-rating waiting -MODERATION TEAM This review is waiting for approval by the Consumer Affairs moderation team. We count on members like you to help consumers make well-informed decisions about businesses or products.

Write a review Review History Submitted8/23/2017 Publishedwaiting PUBLICpublished review 8/23/17 Got a package from UPS today had just gotten home saw UPS truck three houses down form me.

I told myself cool my package is here I just got an email a little bit ago saying it would be delivered. Went to let my dog out in the backyard came back to my garage suddenly I heard a big thunk something hit in my front garage door and then hit the ground I could hear it big loud crash I go to myself what the heck was that opened my front door and there is a UPS guy standing there he basically throw my package on the ground then he tries to make small talk because he knows I caught him I looked at him grabbed my package and I just shut the door in his face waiting for him to leave heard the truck leave open the door went out to my mailbox and come to find out that UPS guy was one house form me dropping off another packages he started trying to make conversation with me telling me I haven't seen you in awhile I just looked at him and shook my head and walk back to my house went in the garage opened up my package and sure enough it's broken what the Audacity Of that driver to try to be my friend and talk to me after I just caught him pretty much destroying my package this hasn't been the first incident with this driver I got a package delivered yesterday actually I had ordered two of the same thing the other one was broken also wonder how that got broken yes I did call his main office and file a complaint against him i told them I will be putting up security cameras if it ever happen again my lawyer will be involved she said they were going to talk to him they better do something about it .

Product or Service Mentioned: Ups Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Horrendous writing style ; I couldn't finish it.

UPS is notorious for busted up packages.

During their strike a few years back, our company used many alternative shipping methods.

The net result was that we never missed UPS, who took on the full name of :

Unnecessary Parcel Service.