I ordered a package that was shipped by UPS. I expected to received it last Thursday.

I tracked it and UPS claimed that my address is incorrect. I contacted UPS customer service 3 times, they called me each time and verified my address which is totally correct. They said that they corrected it and the problem still occurs again and again. Last time, on Friday they called me and said that they succeeded stop the package from being shipped to the sender at the parking lot, and it would be delivered today.

In fact, it is on its way to the sender. UPS customer services is useless since they just said that they contact the local management team and they could not do anything else. In my case, I suspect the competency of the local UPS driver, especially the current driver in response to my area. The problem just happened since this May, before that everything was OK.

I will never order anything shipped by UPS and never use UPS in the future.

Here is my tracking number: 1ZW22A340362435915.

After posting on their Facebook twice on two other cases, they blocked me on their Facebook too. What a shame!

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Newbury Park, California, United States #764325

Sorry to hear you also had issues. This type of experience with them is right inline with our own. Only through communicating our experiences with others can we get the word out on UPS.

I will never use nor recommend UPS either.


Same thing happened to me. They claimed my address was not a valid address, although I was standing at that exact address when they told me that.

The driver, they said, could not find my new address, so he just dropped it at my old address. Luckily, the old address was not far away from my new address, so I drove over to my old house and picked up the package from very confused and unfriendly tenants. What if they had decided to keep my package? Um???

This happened twice and when I asked UPS to correct it, they said I would have to wait for 8-10 days while they tracked it. Very unfriendly. I talked to three people at the 800 number and got three very different stories. They first person told me they could not pursue a search because the tracking number had ended and they had delivered the package.

It was not until I found a local person in the company that I got any satisfaction. The frustration is that they told me they could not find my address on any map, but I found it in less than a minute on Google Earth and Siri gave me directions to my address very quickly, too.

Worthless and incompetent company.

O Fallon, Missouri, United States #731896

ordered a $30 mic 2 weeks ago and haven't gotten it yet

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #731329

Your right about one thing.....its all in the driver...and the amount of effort they want to put forth on delivery.....which in your case was Zero. It also seems UPS is in denial.....and does not want to hear bad news. Either way you lose out

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